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Adorning Ava Jewellery, statement jewellery at unbelievable prices!

I truly am a magpie! I see a sparkle in the sunlight and I swoop on in and collect my glittery prize!

I love a statement necklace, they can change a plain outfit into full on glamour with the flick of a lobster clasp!

So when reading my weekly LOOK magazine with my cup of tea and slice of cake, I came across something that made me sit up straight and grab my notebook and pencil!

Adorning Ava was having a 40% off everything sale for one day only on the 29th April!

I quickly logged onto their website and before long I had a little wish list of fashionable, on trend jewellery.

I couldn’t help noticing that their prices were really reasonable anyway, so a sale just meant more bargains to be had!

So at the crack of dawn on the morning of April 29th I logged on to the Adorning Ava website and made my purchase.

Four lovely necklaces and a pair of earrings later my work was done!

I paid just short of £32!

Do you want to see what delights I bought? I know you do!

I can’t resist a good neon and I couldn’t choose between two so I bought both of them!

Adorning Ava Jewellery



The good thing is that at these prices, when they go out of fashion I haven’t paid a fortune for them. And as fashion is a funny old thing, there is no doubt that they will be back in fashion again one day, so you just put them away and wait for that day!

I love this little winged collared beauty! I feel angelic, well at least when I’m wearing it!


I’m favouring turquoise at the moment and I love wearing this with a black and white outfit for just a pop of colour. It has a vintage feel to it and looks so much more expensive than what I paid for it.


All the necklaces I purchased have a lobster clasp and a generous extender chain, so I can wear them as long or as short as I like depending on the neckline of the outfit I’m wearing.


These beautiful earrings were calling to me! I have an electric blue top with black lace shoulder inserts. These are made for that top!


Now if you didn’t make the 40% off everything sale, then don’t despair. You will find that Adorning Ava has beautiful jewellery at unbelievable prices anyway, so you are sure to pick up a sparkly bargain that has your name on it.

Enjoy Adorning Ava Jewellery ladies!

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