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Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer

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Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer will make you feel a billion dollars after application!

I have quite a few Daniel Sandler products, but this product is my favourite without a doubt!

It’s the one product that transforms me from Casper the ghost to a bronzed goddess in a couple of swipes of the powder puff!

Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer

Look at this gorgeous baked powder! I feel like I’ve struck gold every time I look at it!


I don’t like sun bathing because I only ever turn the darkest shade of a tomato, but I like a tan, so I fake it!

When I’m happy with my tan, I apply the Billion Dollar Body Shimmer on my shoulders to highlight and down the lengths of my legs to make them look longer.

I have even mixed it successfully with a clear lip gloss to make a lip colour.

This beautiful lightweight shimmer enhances my tan without any glitter but with gentle highlights and it makes my tan last longer. It’s like spun gold and I feel really glamourous when I’ve used it.


Billion Dollar Body Shimmer isn’t a permanent tan; it washes off so you are in control of the level of shimmer that you apply.

One compact lasts me absolutely ages!

I always make sure that I’ve exfoliated properly before I use a self-tan and then when I apply this product over the top with the powder puff and blend well, I always get an even finish.

The powder puff, which is included with the Billion Dollar Body Shimmer, is beautifully velvety soft in texture.


Its vintage style appearance, reminds me of my Grans dressing table. She used to have a powder puff like this; it used to sit on top of her pot of expensive loose face powder and I used to love to powder my nose with it!

I’ve washed my powder puff a few times in the washing machine and air dried it with no problems.

I know this would probably make the product more expensive, but I would love Daniel to provide a pouch to keep the powder puff in.

I wouldn’t normally apply this product to my hand but I want to include a colour swatch for you guys.

On my fair skin, this product adds warmth and I’m sure it would look gorgeous on very dark or black skin.

Billion Dollar Body Shimmer is an easy product to use and that’s why I love it.

If you want instant golden glamour that makes you glisten in the sunshine then you can purchase this product from the Daniel Sandler website.