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Hand Chemistry Glow Oil is a DHA-free alternative to self- tan for legs, body and face to help achieve a radiant glow.

I was so excited to try this oil because I’m always looking for new ways to add a bit of colour to my skin without sunbathing, which I dislike with a passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for twenty minutes of daily sun exposure to get my valuable vitamin D but I just find sitting in the sun, too hot and being so fair I never tan anyway!

So when I saw this oil on the Victoria Health Instagram feed, as just lately I always seem to be doing, I logged onto their website and made my purchase!

Marketed as a safe, light, fast absorbing sunless body oil that helps to achieve a radiant glow (who doesn’t want that?!) without DHA (dihydroxyacetone) commonly found in self- tan and fake tan products.

It’s also suitable for vegetarians!

I was keen to try the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil not only to see if I got that glow but also to see if I smelt of the dreaded biscuit or potato peelings aroma after using it!

So the oil arrives like this.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil Bottle1

Then you have to shake it to wake it to see the beautiful golden prisms that are lurking at the bottom of the bottle.

So how does it work?

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil Mixed1

The golden prisms offer an immediate golden radiance whilst the DHA-free keto-sugar forms a lasting glow in two or three days after application to achieve the glow like a self-tan.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil uses three functions to achieve this radiant glow.

Erythrulose, a keto-sugar commonly found in raspberries has little effect on its own.

Glow Oil binds this keto-sugar to a system that encourages more exposure time to the skin, long after application and actually develops a colour without the need for DHA.

The glow starts within two or three days and continues to gradually build.

I didn’t turn orange overnight, which is a good thing!

Melanin Hexapeptide has two functions; it supports the keto-sugar whilst achieving the production of your own melanin without sun exposure.

So for porcelain white skin like mine, that’s music to my ears!

The peptide doesn’t interact with the pigment producing cells so there’s no uneven colour.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil also contains a highly purified bio-derivative of watermelons shown to prevent oxidative damage caused by environmental factors including UV exposure.

But you still need to use an SPF!

How To Use Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

  1. Shake the bottle well to disperse the golden prisms evenly.
  2. Apply the oil.
  3. Within the first three days, use once or twice daily.
  4. Afterward, use once daily or less to maintain your desired radiance.
  5. Glow Oil can be mixed with your moisturisers if you want to.
  6. Wash your hands after application.

My Results Using Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

  • The oil had a lovely fruity smell, it smelt like a delicious shower gel.
  • Because I’m so fair, I used it on my body only to start with just to see if the colour was right for me.
  • I did get an immediate golden glow.
  • I smelt fruity, no biscuits or potato!
  • I carried on with the product directions and I did love the colour.
  • However the colour would have been too dark for my face unless I mixed it with a moisturiser.
  • I didn’t get any negative skin reactions, so for me I can use it safely on my sensitive skin.

Would I recommend Hand Chemistry Glow Oil?

  • Definitely, I love the fresh scent and the colour and a little goes a long way.

Where To Buy Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

If you want to achieve an instant radiant glow that develops over a few days, with no application hassles and without smelling of biscuits then the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil should be at the top of your ‘To Buy List’!

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