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Newtons foot therapy are award winning and problem solving treatments for your feet.

They are also extremely purse friendly.

I’m not all about the high end beauty products although I do enjoy using them.

So I was delighted when the PR for Newtons Foot Therapy asked if I’d like to put the products to the test.

Newtons Foot Therapy

  • Polishing Foot Scrub
  • Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream
  • Chiropody Sponge

The polishing foot scrub is anti-bacterial and an exfoliating blend of natural pumice.

Newtons Foot Therapy Scrub1

It smells of tea tree which I love.

Spearmint cooled my feet, which has been a blessing as it’s been so hot over the last few weeks.

Menthol deeply moisturised and made my feet feel like they were human again after a long day on my feet.

I wasn’t sure about the Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream at first.

The texture was a little watery but after a good old shake of the tube it corrected itself to a cream.

Newtons Foot Therapy Charcoal1

Twelve hours on your feet, which is sometimes the number of hours I work can leave your feet feeling hot and bothered.

The charcoal cream is fast absorbing and although I don’t think my feet smell, it did leave my feet feeling fresh after applying.

Now the Chiropody Sponge, I can’t review this because after I’d removed the cellophane and started to use it, it just fell apart!

Newtons Foot Therapy Sponge1

Maybe a one off faulty product, it’s supposed to leave your feet smoother after one treatment that will last for months.

Newtons Foot Therapy – Where To Buy

For the purchase price, the products do exactly what they are marketed to do.

If you’re on a budget or looking to try something new as a means of looking after your feet, then apart from the sponge I can definitely recommend the Newtons Foot Therapy range.

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