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NHP Natural Haircare Programme

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NHP Natural Haircare Programme products were sent to me free of charge, but as always my review is an honest account of the results I got using them.

I have coloured hair and being a qualified hair technician I know that my hair needs extra special treatment to keep it in perfect condition.

I’ve found by investing in more expensive hair care products, they last longer because more often than not they are concentrated so you don’t need to use as much. I’ve also found natural products are better for my hair and scalp and I don’t need to wash my hair as often, so no stripping away of my natural hair oils and colour.

When I was contacted by Arlene UK Ltd and asked if I’d like to sample some NHP products, I did as I always do before I agree to testing products I research what the company is all about and the products they bring to the market.

What I found encouraging about NHP products is that they are all about being kind to your hair whilst delivering exceptional results.

The fact that NHP products contain Argan oil is a real bonus, when an excellent quality Argan oil is within a product, well that can transform a bad hair day in a flash!

I was asked what products I would like to try, but I couldn’t choose! They all looked inviting, so I suggested that they choose for me and it would be a surprise.

I was astounded when a hefty package arrived with four full sized products inside, one of them being the hero product within the range, TOP TEN Perfect Styling Cream.


I couldn’t wait to start what I felt will be a complete treat for my hair.

NHP Natural Haircare Programme

Beautifying Elixir


I decided that I would start with a deep treatment that would target my scalp as well as my hair. So I used a good glug of the Beautifying Elixir, which is a delicious looking oil as a scalp massage for 15 minutes.

I then combed the product through to the ends of my hair and wrapped my hair up in a towel. I had a cup of tea and gave myself a pampering pedicure. What absolute bliss!

Even with my hair still encased in the elixir and almost towel dried it didn’t feel crispy to the touch but beautifully soft and silky.

As I rinsed the product from my hair, the water just ran off my intensely conditioned hair and I could immediately run my fingers through it. My scalp felt cool and comfortable to the touch.

I have to say, I’ve been using this product not just on my hair! I’ve been using it on my hands and rubbing it into my cuticles. After four weeks of doing this my hands are truly conditioned and my nails look like this!


Nourish Hair Bath


Next for the Nourish Hair Bath, in texture, it’s a thick, luxurious oil. The product has a good slip to it, so there was no dragging and pulling of my hair. There’s no overpowering scent, it just smells natural and clean.


There’s no lather to the product either, you will see no bubbles anywhere because everything is natural.

I took my time to really appreciate the treatment, after all when you’re using a product with such beautiful oils within it, why would you feel the need to rush.

I only needed to carry out one shampoo, I felt that my hair was squeaky clean and refreshed.

Nourish Hair Mask


The Nourish Hair Mask is rich, like thick double cream in texture, a pure delight to use. I massaged it in through my lengths to ends, waited two minutes and then combed it through the rest of my hair.


With a cool water rinse, I took my time to rinse the product out. Being a bit thicker in texture than I’ve been used to using, it needed a bit more time to make sure the water ran clear.

My hair felt clean, conditioned and tangle free, my scalp felt cool and refreshed.

For a really intensive moisturising treatment, I’ve also mixed this product with the Beautifying Elixir and left this on my hair for ten minutes. It takes a little longer to rinse your hair, but the results are worth it. My hair was like spun silk!

TOP TEN Styling Cream


Now for styling with the TOP TEN Styling Cream, the first thing I noticed was the product was a white cream inside a glass bottle with a spray nozzle!

I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to spray this product successfully, but hey presto after a quick shake of the bottle I could spray the product with ease. As you can see it’s a white foam on the back of my hand.


I didn’t use a lot to start, I’ve learnt from experience that if you use too much styling product you can end up with crunchy, dull looking hair. So it’s always advisable to start slowly and learn how much product your hair requires.

Four pumps for my below shoulder length hair was enough to produce the results I was looking for. I waited until my hair was almost dry and then I used my Babyliss Big Hair styler to create my hair style.

On ‘my fine but lots of it’ hair the results were dramatic. I definitely had ‘big hair’, the volume was out of this world. My hair was shiny and smooth, no frizz, no dryness.

Just luscious hair that I could run my hands through without any problems, I didn’t wash my hair again for two days, just to test the longevity this product would give my hair style and my style held successfully for the full two days.

Love this product!

I’ve included in my review how NHP products are marketed, I have to say that their products are true to their word.

Nourish Hair Bath

Gentle shampoo, free of SLES, DEA, parabens and colourants.

Rich in organic Argan and Macadamia oil.

Nourishing, restoring and natural ingredients.

It replenishes moisture and softness to dry, damaged and colour treated hair and provides shine and manageability.

Respects and protects the hair colour.

Nourish Hair Mask

Deep and intense nourishing mask.

Free of parabens, paraffins and colourants.

Based on organic Argan and Macadamia oil, with natural replenishing and fortifying ingredients.

It restores the right hydro lipid balance to dry, damaged and colour treated hair which is left silky smooth, vigorous and shiny.

Tames frizzy hair and performs an effective antiradical and antioxidant action, protecting against colour fading.

Beautifying Elixir

A precious fluid based on a wise blend of natural oils of Argan, Macadamia and Sunflower.

It is instantly absorbed by the hair to provide extraordinary light-weight smoothness, softness and shine.

Free of alcohol, parabens, PEG-PPG, mineral oils and artificial colours, it is enriched with a natural anti-oxidant and protective agent that performs an effective anti-aging action.

It infuses deep moisture and regenerates dry, brittle and coloured hair. Strengthens weak hair.

Improves combability and provides a frizz free finish when blow drying your hair.

Protects the hair from free radicals and shields it from chemicals, heat and pollution.

TOP TEN Perfect Stying Cream

Intensive spray mask based on organic Argan and Macadamia oil.

Silk proteins and Panthenol.

Free of parabens, paraffin and colourants.

Offers 10 benefits with just one step:

  • Immediately imparts vitality and healthy looking hair.
  • Repairs and nourishes dry and damaged hair.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Detangles and leaves the hair silky.
  • Prevents and reduces split ends.
  • Protects against heat styling damage.
  • Helps brushing and iron straightening.
  • Improves body and volume.
  • Adds shine and protects the colour.
  • Helps to achieve a long lasting style.

I absolutely loved these products and I can’t thank Arlene UK Ltd enough for introducing them to me.

My hair, skin and nails are in the best condition that they have ever been. I don’t need to wash my hair as often as I used to and my colour doesn’t fade as quickly now.

I also haven’t felt the need to use my straighteners as much because there has been less frizz.

I would happily recommend NHP products to all my readers, one word of caution, if you start using the Elixir as a hand and nail treatment, like me I think you’ll become addicted! The results are amazing!