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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, one of my favourite brushes ever!

I’m a beauty junkie! I hold my freshly manicured hands up and admit it! Whether it’s a shiny lip gloss or a beautiful bronzer I’m there like a magpie to a shiny thing!

Today is all about a brush! But not just any old brush it’s a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush but is it expert like the name suggests? Let’s find out shall we?

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

First of all, I like the box the brush comes in.


It doesn’t squash the brush; you can see the whole product.

It’s marketed as a firm, broad brush for applying and blending a cream or liquid foundation. The brush is firm which made it easy to apply my liquid foundation in small buildable layers where I needed the extra coverage.


I got a flawless finish and a healthy glow by buffing in the foundation, something I can’t get as easily if I use my fingers.

I looked streak free, like I’d been airbrushed and someone had hit the ‘retouch’ button!

The brush is synthetic, super soft so it doesn’t scratch your skin and 100% cruelty free which makes me happy!


There was no shedding even after weekly washes in a gentle baby shampoo.

It stands up unsupported so the footprint is small.


The handle is a perfect shape to hold and it’s light and easy to use.


Value is a major plus here; it doesn’t break the bank for a fantastic brush.

And let’s all face it, you need a decent set of brushes to paint a beautiful picture on a blank canvas!

If you want a brush with success! Then I’d say bag yourself this one from Real Techniques, once you start using it you won’t want to use your fingers again!

Oh yes, I’d say this Face Brush is Expert!


If you’d like to learn more about how to use this brush then there are online tutorials by the lovely ladies who brought this wonderful brush to us.