SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin

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SOND Skincare for sensitive skin was kindly sent to me to review on Crystal and Vanilla.

If you follow me then you’ll know I have sensitive, reactive skin even more so after having facial shingles last year.

SOND is marketed as a brand that is gentle on sensitive and irritated skin so I was keen to try the products I was sent.

For six weeks, I left everything apart from a Balancing Cleanser from another brand in my bathroom cabinet so I could use just these SOND products.

These are the products I was sent to review.

SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin

  • Hydrating Face Spray
  • Replenishing Face Oil
  • Revitalising Face Serum
  • Energising Mineral Supplements

SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin Face Spray1

SOND Hydrating Face Spray

After cleansing my skin with a balancing cleanser I used this clear facial spray as a toner both morning and night.

When I sprayed it onto my skin, it felt lightweight and was instantly absorbed into my skin.

Telling me my skin was in need of some hydration!

It felt refreshing and cooling but to add to that cool feeling I loved, I kept my bottle in the fridge.

This is a fabulous thing to do if like me your skin is prone to feeling hot.

It’s an aqua based infusion of high strength silica that’s quick to apply and left my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

Its paraben and fragrance free and this product will now be a repurchase as I absolutely love it!

SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin Oil1

SOND Replenishing Face Oil

Although SOND say you can use this clear facial oil both morning and night I choose to use it just at night.

After cleansing and using the face spray, I applied the oil over my entire face.

It made my skin feel supple and comfortable and I didn’t feel the need to apply a moisturiser on top.

Enriched with silica and coconut oil, it softened the fine lines around my eyes without irritation.

Paraben free, my skin looked brighter, firmer and with improved elasticity.

SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin Serum1

SOND Revitalising Face Serum

Although SOND say you can use this product both morning and night, I choose to use it just in the morning.

After cleansing and using the Face Spray, I applied this serum over my entire face.

My sensitive skin appeared less reddened and it was beautifully soft and smooth.

With a high concentration of collagen boosting silica and paraben free, my skins elasticity improved.

When I applied an SPF Moisturiser on top of this serum my primer didn’t roll off and my foundation looked smooth with no patchiness throughout the day.

SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin Supplements1

SOND Energising Mineral Supplements

Although SOND say you can take these supplements whilst taking others I decided to come off my usual skin supplements and just take these for the 30 days.

These capsules contain essential collagen forming silica to improve the health, function and appearance of skin within.

I took two capsules every morning with a glass of water for 30 days (you get 60 capsules)

To be honest, the SOND skincare that I was applying to my skin made such a huge difference to the quality of my skin that I couldn’t tell if these capsules did anything to help my skin.

I would say I’d have to stop using the skincare and just take the capsules to be able to see the results.

Where To Buy The SOND Skincare For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive or irritated skin I would say the SOND skincare for sensitive skin is definitely worth investing in.

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