The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate

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The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate is a big tub of hyaluronic acid!

Made for the hands and body, this is a skincare obsession of mine!

It’s a high concentration of nature-like Hyaluronic Acid, suspended in a base of skin supporting red algae and tamarind.

I’ve been using this fabulous gel twice a day, every day for about two months now.

The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate Gel1

My results are out of this world and I can’t be without this product now!

The texture of my skin is smoother and softer.

My skin has an increased level of hydration.

My skin feels tighter and toned.

The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate contains a 19% marine complex of 99.5% pure hyaluronic acid!

When I applied body lotions on top of this gel they worked at a greater level.

As I continued to use the gel, I found that my skin was retaining its own moisture.

This then allowed me to reduce the amount of other body care products that I was using after I applied the gel.

My dry skin felt hydrated, smoother and silky to the touch.

It had a fabulous anti-ageing effect on my body.

It increased my skin cell turnover.

Increasing my skins elasticity and its ability to bounce back.

There is no aroma to the gel, it just smells clean.

The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate – How To Use

  1. Apply to the hands and body twice a day.

It absorbs quickly with no stickiness.

So I could get dressed immediately after application.

In hot weather I kept my bottle of concentrate in the fridge.

The gel is cooling on the skin anyway.

But keeping it in the fridge meant I had a double hit of coolness!

If you’re at that time of your life when you’re getting tropical moments like I am!

I think this gel would really help you feel more comfortable.

It made me sigh with relief when I applied it!

Where To Buy

The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate Bottle1

Using my bottle twice a day with generous application of product.

The 240mls lasted me six weeks.

So at approximately £24 to purchase I think this is an economical buy for the results I have seen and felt.

If you have dry skin or ‘hot skin’ as I call my own.

The Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate might be a skin saver for you too!

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