Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder

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If you’re just starting out using makeup and are unsure about what shade blusher suits you, or you’re looking to try a new blusher then you can’t go wrong with the Benefit Rockateur cheek powder.

It’s the number one best- selling blusher on the UK high street and it’s easy to see why.

This beautiful rose gold blusher compliments every skin tone and it compliments it during every season of the year.

I have very pale skin and in winter this blusher brightens my skin and gives it a much needed lift, in summer it’s a natural blush that adds a delicate shimmer.

Benefit Rockateur has a stunning three dimensional finish which is beautifully displayed in a highly decorative box, something that Benefit is famous for.

Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder Colour1

Although the product is the main attraction, the packaging is purposely thought about by Benefit and fans of the brand adore this feature.

What you get with Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder

  1. Inside this little box, you also have a mirror inside the lid.
  2. There is also a brush, a brush specially made to add that curve of colour to your cheeks.

Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder Brush1

Why I Loved Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder

  • I have a fairly small makeup bag that goes into my handbag.
  • The fact that there is a mirror and a brush in this kit means more space in my makeup bag!
  • I’ve used this blusher as an eyeshadow and it worked perfectly for me.
  • I’ve also mixed it with some lip gloss for a natural, nude lip colour.
  • To me, it’s a two in one product, it’s a blusher but it’s also a highlighter.
  • I know if I use this product every day, I will still be using it in summer, for a full sized product a little goes a long way
  • I wear a lot of black clothes, but I also like to wear colour in my fashion, this rose gold blusher goes with everything in my wardrobe.
  • It also goes with every shade of my eyeshadows and my lipsticks.

I bought my blusher from Look Fantastic.

If you love makeup, the Benefit Rockateur is a blusher that thinks outside of the box and you’ll find all you need inside of it!

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