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The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations

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The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations are an evolving collection of colour foundations.

From the lightweight serum foundations.

To the highly pigmented coverage foundations.

These foundations provide SPF15 sun protection and are marketed as suitable for all skin types.

This includes dry, normal, combination and oily.

There are 21 shades in each range, so quite a few to choose from!

I’m fair and I have high colour so I never choose a foundation with any pinkness to it.

In fact I like a foundation with a yellow undertone.

There is a vast amount of colour choices on offer on the Victoria Health website.

Making a selection was difficult as there isn’t much in it colour wise when you look at internet photos.

So bearing in mind the coverage foundations are £5.90 each I decided to buy four in the Fair range.

The waitlist for The Ordinary Colours is considerable.

The range is understandably popular so I was lucky when I received two of the four I’d ordered.

Luckily for me, the first I tried the 1.1N Fair is my colour!

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations Shade1

When I say ‘my colour’ I mean it’s perfect!

Probably the best colour match I’ve ever had when I’ve bought any foundation!

If you’re in between shades though, you can mix the colours to get the right shade for you.

The texture is light weight but the product delivers full coverage.

My skin looked like my skin only better.

The finish was smooth and my skin glowed.

I did however find that there wasn’t much play time with the product.

Where I needed extra coverage I just tapped more product on top of the foundation I’d already applied.

This was to stop any of the first layer from being transferred.

A natural look and feel to my skin is what I look for in a foundation.

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation delivered this for me.

What I would say is that ensure your skin is exfoliated properly.

I had a patch of dry skin on my forehead and at the end of the day this showed through the foundation.

The foundation clung to it like glue!

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations

  • Shake well before use.
  • Dispense a small amount onto the back of your hand.
  • Smooth onto the face and blend from the middle outwards.

I love this foundation and would definitely purchase again.

I was lucky to have chosen the right shade for me from the extensive range.

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations Swatch1

Others might not be so lucky which can add up to many wasted pennies.

What I would like to see is what I call a ‘Tester Bubble Card’

Product under little blister bubbles.

You select the card with all the shades in the tones that would suit you.

So you can then select the right colour before purchasing a full size bottle.

The colour I choose is amazing, the coverage and finish amazing!

It’s a little bottle of magic for my skin!

If you are looking for full coverage without the feel of full coverage I would definitely recommend The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations.