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Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare

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Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare, your products for grey, blonde or bleached hair!

I’ve just recently been introduced to the Milkshake range by my fabulous hair stylist!

Thank goodness I’m using this range now!

Because they are transforming how my hair looks and feels.

I have icy toned coloured hair.

Hair that needs regular salon visits to maintain my look.

But also I need the right products to keep it looking great and manageable.

Now I’ve already spoken about the Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner in a previous post.

I use those every other day to clean and condition my hair.

Once a week though I use the Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare products.

Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare Shampoo1

These neutralise those unwanted yellow or golden tones that arrive before my next salon visit.

SLES free and organic blueberry extract and milk proteins help to take me back to the hair colour I love.

But a word of warning!

You don’t need to leave the products on your hair for very long.

Too long on the hair and you could end up with a violet tinge!

Great if that’s what you’re looking for though!

Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare – How To Use

  1. Distribute the silver shine shampoo evenly over damp hair
  2. Lather and rinse well
  3. Repeat if necessary
  4. Shake the can of Silver Shine Whipped Cream well
  5. Point the can downwards and spray a small amount into the palm of your hand
  6. Apply to clean damp hair
  7. Style as usual

If you have icy white tones to your hair, or platinum then like I’ve said use the product sparingly.

Personally I will continue to use both of these products because they leave my hair shiny.

They take away the golden tones, leave my hair easy to comb through and in a fabulous condition.

Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare Conditioner1

What I would love though is a milder version of both of them.

Products that I could leave on my hair for longer without fear of a purple tinge!

Where To Buy

If you have those pesky golden tones, appearing where you don’t want them!

I would recommend trying the Milkshake Silver Shine Haircare but be careful!