The QVC Beauty Bash 2014

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The QVC Beauty Bash 2014 -I was so lucky to receive tickets to attend the QVC Beauty Bash!

I love all things beauty, not just for myself but I love helping others to look and feel their best.

I’m a trained beauty therapist, hair stylist and nail technician so I really enjoy testing products and when I find something out of this world, I will recommend them to anyone who will listen!

The QVC Beauty Bash 2014

  • was held over three days at the Old Billingsgate Market, London and there were over 70 of QVC’s top skincare, cosmetics, nail, hair care and fragrance brands in attendance.


This was a chance for me to chat to industry experts about my own personal needs as well as enjoying a bit of pampering and pick up a few product samples along the way!

I took along Suzie, my sister who won’t mind me saying is the complete opposite of me. She is quite happy to pick up a cleanser and toner from the supermarket shelf every other week or so, and I would never knock that if that’s what suits you and your budget.

But I wanted to show her the other side of the coin. That sometimes it pays to spend just a little bit more money to get quality ingredients that are concentrated, meaning you don’t need to use as much, hence you don’t need to purchase as often.

We did arrive at the QVC Beauty Bash 2014 early! Two hours early! I was excited, what can I say! You beauty people out there will know what I mean!

Still it was a chance to find the entrance and the front of the queue. I did try to smile sweetly and flutter my long ‘Mally’ lashes at the security guard, just to get a sneak peak inside at the morning session but he was having none of it!

Off to get some lunch!

We started queuing at quarter to two and were almost at the front of the queue. We got chatting to two sisters from Surrey, I said I had my ‘Mally’ face on and they said they had their ‘Laura Geller’ faces on!

Suzie had a look of disbelief on her face, ‘There are others like you?’ she said. I keep telling her, we are a QVC family!

Once inside the venue I was like a kid in a sweet shop! Go left, go right, stay calm and just visit every stand!

All the brands featured are on QVC and their products are available to buy there. But I’ve included the brand websites, just in case you can’t find the product you are looking for.


First stop, the Alpha H stand with the lovely Tom Ogden and his team. Now I use this range daily. I test lots of products but when I’m not testing, my cleanser and eye treatment of choice is the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser and the Absolute Eye Complex.


Both these products are so good that they deserve a review of their own, so watch for future posts!

We chatted to Tom for ages and he made comment about how smooth the area around my eyes was, I’ll tell you how and why another day but it’s all down to Alpha H.

As we chatted, Tom asked if I’d like a facial, but as I give myself facials all the time I figured Suzie would benefit the most from this wonderful experience. I was quite shocked when she agreed, let’s see if Alpha H can convert the sceptical!

Well, I could have chatted to Tom all day but we had to move on and he had a queue forming of excitable ladies keen to hear about the range.


Next was Rodial, I love all of the Dragons Blood range and you’ll see why in another post already on my blog under Skincare.

I just had to take a picture of the very beautiful Hannah Kelly.


Next was my favourite nail care range, the fabulous Leighton Denny Expert Nails. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Leighton but I did meet the lovely Nina who works closely with Leighton and whose hands are insured for mega bucks!


Her hands are amazing but I couldn’t stop looking at her skin, it was flawless and as smooth as glass!

I loved all the new Spring/Summer colours Leighton, you are a nail God!

I also highly recommend Leightons Sun- Believable range, especially if you are lily white like I am. It is the only fake tan that doesn’t streak or make me look like an Umpa Lumpa (think that’s how you spell it!)


Keep your eyes peeled for a future post under Health on my blog for my favourite Leighton Denny product!

Next we met the lovely Richard from Penhaligons Perfumers, now he has a story to tell for every fragrance in the range.


I have a fragrance wardrobe at home with this brand and strangely enough I really love the fragrances that are listed for men!

Next stand, Percy & Reed. Wow, look at those eyes…………. come on Jo pull yourself together you have work to do!


Now I love the Colour and Shine shampoo and conditioner in this range.


The raspberry oil leaves my hair glossy and makes my blonde hair glisten in the sunshine.

The next stand was Mally, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I love the Mally range and I had my ‘Mally’ face on from the TSV the week before. You can purchase Mally products from her website or the only other place in the UK is QVC.


Mally wasn’t there but she’d sent her lovely girls to represent her and we chatted for ages about how great the Poreless Face Defender is. There will be a post on my other favourite Mally product coming soon!

Next was Color Wow, this product has saved me on numerous occasions when I’ve had to cancel hair appointments.


With the little brush that is included in the kit, you just paint the product onto your hair starting at the roots and blending down into your colour. Immediate highlights!

I use the Platinum colour, a post of its own coming soon because I’m so impressed with this product.

Next was Time Bomb, I was totally sceptical about this range until I tried 3 of Lulus’ products. A full post is on my website under Skincare as this is in my opinion an impressive skincare range.


Then we met the lovely Stacey from YBF. There were too many ladies heads in the way to fit Suzie in the picture!


Stacey is sooooo tall that she is just stretching out over all the bobbing heads and is busy pencilling in Suzies’ eyebrows with the iconic YBF eyebrow pencil.

Other brands that we visited during the day;

Elemis – I have all the bath and shower products!


SBC – I use the Collagen and Lavendar gels mixed together at night on my neck and shoulders. Don’t forget to take it around the back of your neck too.


Philip Kingsley – I use the Elasticizer once a week as a pre-shampoo treatment.


StriVectin – I use the Tightening and Sculpting Face and Neck Cream.


Liz Earle – Can’t manage without the EyeBright!


Gatineau – I’ve been using Floracil for over ten years!


bareMinerals – I’ve been using the Ready Bronzer in Skinny Dip since it was launched.


Sarah Chapman – Skinesis Chin and Jaw Lift is amazing!


Algenist – I haven’t tried this brand! But I met the lovely Charlotte who gave me lots of samples, so watch this space!


Glamglow -I haven’t tried this brand! But I met the lovely Nikki and I have samples, so watch this space!


Then we ran into the lovely QVC presenters Catherine Huntley and Sara Griffiths, they are both more beautiful in the flesh!

A chat and a hug later we were off again!

Making a short pit stop for the afternoon tea laid on for all the Beauty Bashers (the chocolate brownies hit the spot!) We made our way back to the Alpha H stand so Suzie could have her first ever facial!

I was a little nervous, I was hoping Suzie would really enjoy it.  She’s been so busy at work lately and I wanted her to feel like she’d had a real treat.

I left her laid out on the treatment bed whilst I started stalking Mikey Phillips on the New CID Cosmetics stand. Which lucky for me was the stand next door!


I love Mikey, he is the King of makeup artists in my book!

He can transform an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan with a swish of his brush, I love watching him work.

We had a chat and a hug and at this point Suzie was ‘cooked’ and looking fab! Her skin was glowing and clean!

The New CID range if you haven’t tried it is out of this world! Quality cosmetics at such an affordable price and I’ve been using them for years.


Some of the products have a built in light in the packaging, which means you can be dancing around your handbag in a club, or in the middle of a power cut and still be able to apply your lippy! Genius!

We didn’t leave until twenty past 6 and the event finished at 6pm, we just carried on chatting to Tom and Mikey about all things beauty. Even Suzie was getting in the swing of it!

Then when we thought it couldn’t get any better, a goody bag! This was more than a goody bag, it was amazing! And the contents were different in each bag which meant swopsies if we wanted to!


So many products, I spent the train journey home laying them out all over the seats! The guy in the seat next door doing a crossword didn’t look that excited, I wanted to say to him ‘Look it’s Spackle’!

Even Suzie was applying Stila lipgloss!


As the train emptied and we neared home, the feet started aching and Suzie started yawning (I think the effects of the facial, neck and hand massage were kicking in!) she looked at me and said ‘Can you give me a Alpha H facial next week’?

Tom, you did it! I guess I’m going to be very busy!

Thank you QVC for a great day, it was brilliant. Oh I hope I get tickets for next year!

Did you go to the QVC Beauty Bash 2014? I hope you had a fabulous day too!

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