Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask

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Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask, I’m obsessed with this product! I’m obsessed with the feeling on my skin and I’m obsessed with the fabulous results it has on my skin! Can you tell I’m obsessed?!

This formula will foam and pop like champagne bubbles or for anybody who doesn’t drink; it’ll pop like popping candy!

It’s like magic; it knows the areas of your skin that it has to treat!

It contains a rare plant extract called Nasturtium that causes a ‘fusion’ process allowing the product to bubble on your skin where you have the most trouble.

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Your skin gets a vitamin B-12 boost which really gets your circulation going, waking up dull skin and giving you a beautiful smooth glow.

Dull skin will transform into brightened skin, radiance will be restored.

In five to seven minutes, watch your skin transform!

I had my face at my bathroom mirror for the entire time, an unbelievable show of bubbles, popping and foaming!

It’s an experience you have to see to be believed!

All this activity is helping to repair and calm your skin, something that my skin needs regularly.

Ginseng extract stimulates collagen production, great news for anybody over the age of 25 years old.

How To Apply The Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask

  • Shake the bottle to wake the oxygen bubbles.
  • Pump to release the product.
  • Apply twice a week on cleansed dry skin.
  • Let the mask activate, pop, foam and dissolve.
  • After several minutes when your face has stopped popping, rinse your face and pat dry.
  • Follow with your serums and moisturisers.

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Where To Buy The Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask

My pores always look smaller after I’ve used this mask and my skin never feels dry.

My skin glows like I’ve just had a workout at the gym.

My skin is sensitive but I’ve had no negative reactions to the ingredients.

I have to say, it’s fun to use!

If you want instant results, I would definitely recommend the Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask.

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