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Peach Melba Collagen Shot

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Peach Melba Collagen Shot, yummy! Now the people that know me, they know I love my Collagen Shots!

I’ve been sipping this delicious nectar for well over a year now.

If you’ve never heard of Collagen Shots and you’d like to discover what is so special about this product, I’ve written an article about this beautiful skin hydrating drink that you can find on my website under Skincare.

But what you won’t know until now, is how I’ve been having my favourite tipple throughout the heat of the summer.

In a frozen ice lolly!

Peach Melba Collagen Shot


I’ve mixed my collagen shot with coconut water, fresh raspberries and peach for some added antioxidants that my skin has just adored.

I bought the lolly moulds from Waitrose for £4.00 and I haven’t looked back for the last few weeks.

The good thing is once I’ve stirred, mixed and poured the lolly takes about an hour to freeze.

It’s been my guilty pleasure every night before I go to bed and it’s cooled my body down before sleep.

Serves 1



200mls of coconut water

11g of Collagen Shots powder

Small handful of fresh raspberries

Small handful of chopped peach


Chop the peaches and mix with the raspberries (I kept mine whole)

Mix the coconut water and Collagen Shot powder together well to disperse any lumps


I use my little frother!

Put some of the fruits into the bottom of the ice lolly mould


Pour in your Collagen Shot mixture


Add the remaining fruits and stir gently


Pop the mould lid on and place into the freezer for approximately an hour


I just popped the mould under running warm water to release my joy!



If you’d like to try Collagen Shots, then head over to their website.

The pouch is a months supply, one shot a day.

I saw a positive difference in my skin after one week!