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Altrient Vitamin C Gels

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Altrient Vitamin C gels are marketed as the master immune booster!

Most ordinary forms of oral vitamin C, tablets, powders, liquids are not metabolised efficiently.

This is due to tightly regulated absorption controls in the body.

Therefore very little reaches your blood stream or where your cells need it most.

Altrient Vitamin C gels are the solution to the problem!

Altrient Vitamin C Gels Sachet1

Because they have a scientifically proven liposomal delivery system.

The nutrients are encapsulated in a bubble that carries then directly to your cells.

Protecting them from the destructive elements in your digestive system.

Now most of you that know me, know that the last few months have been extremely stressful!

But I’ve coped and my health, I believe would have suffered greatly had I not been taking these gels!

I’ve been taking the Altrient Vitamin C gels for the last two months.

One every morning on an empty tummy.

Altrient C has helped me maintain a healthy immune system.

It has kept my skin healthy and I know that stress usually means breakouts for me.

Supporting my nervous system, it’s helped me to cope better with stress.

They have reduced my tiredness and fatigue even though I have been sleep deprived.

Helped me to maintain my energy levels.

Protected my cells from oxidative stress.

Altrient Vitamin C Gels

  • 1-2 sachets per day.
  • Cut or tear the sachet and squeeze the gel into 30-60mls water/juice.
  • Or fold gently into yoghurt.
  • The gel will not dissolve.
  • Do not blend or put into hot water.
  • For best results, take on an empty tummy to speed up absorption.

Altrient Vitamin C Gels

So will I keep taking them?

I thought I might struggle with taking them.

They didn’t look attractive!

Like a slug at the bottle of the glass!

Altrient Vitamin C Gels Sample1

Knocking them back like you would an oyster!

To be honest, I have experienced the taste!

I put a gel in a little bit too much water!

I knocked it back but couldn’t swallow the amount of water in one go!

So I got a taste of the gel!

It’s intense but not as bad as I thought it would be!

Very orangey!

But that hasn’t put me off!

I’ve bulk bought!

Altrient Vitamin C Gels Box1

I can’t be without them now; they are part of my daily routine.

They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly!

So, if you want to achieve a greater sense of health and wellbeing,  Altrient Vitamin C gels are well worth investing in.