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Tea India Soul Healing Tea

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Tea India Soul Healing Tea, doesn’t that sound like a magical thing?

When I was contacted to see if I’d like to try out the teas from Tea India, I jumped at the chance!

I’m overhauling my work life balance because its more work at the moment!

My sleep is suffering, my tummy hurts because the food I’m putting into it isn’t my normal diet.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to life and wellbeing, embracing the mind, body, emotions and soul.

Everything of mine is all over the place at the minute!

The first thing that I was asked to do was complete the quiz on the Tea India website to find out my dosha.

One of the cornerstones of Ayurveda is the idea that our physical characteristics and personality are born from the doshas.

The three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha, are derived from varying combinations of the five elements in a condensed form that are present and functional in the body.

After taking the quiz my results told me that my dosha was pitta, the principle that governs heat and transformation.

I then received my lovely hamper which included: a selection of Tea India teas, a tongue scraper, a practical guide to Ayurveda book, a mug, a tea glass, a water flask and a tea caddy.

After reading the book I can see why I don’t feel like my usual self because I have many of the early signs of a pitta imbalance!

  1. Feeling hot most of the time.
  2. Skin inflammation.
  3. Bloodshot eyes
  4. Putting work first.
  5. Disturbed sleep and agitated dreams.

Things have got to change!

The book has been fascinating because the foods it recommends to avoid for my dosha are the foods I do avoid because they give me discomfort.

These foods either make me feel overheated or they make my skin flush!

Chilli, garlic, leeks, onion, radish, grapefruit, too much bread, certain spices, alcohol, fizzy drinks and anything sour.

I have a vegan diet which apparently is good for a pitta dosha so at least I’m on the right track there!

The exercise I’m doing seems to be too vigorous and causing me to overheat; it’s recommended that I do some jogging or yoga.

So over the last week I’ve made some changes and to be honest, I’m starting to see improvements.

I’ve been scraping my tongue first thing in the morning with the scraper that came in the hamper.

It was a little strange to start with but I’m actually enjoying it now, my taste has improved and you should see what I scrape off!!

I’ve been carrying around water in the flask, water that has been sitting at room temperature.

This is apparently better for me, I have in the past drunk ice cold water and I can feel it hitting my tummy!

I’ve been drinking the Tea India Soul Healing Tea throughout the day and in the evening.

Tea India Soul Healing Teas Flavours1

Tea India Soul Healing Tea

  • Peace & Calm
  • Vitality & Energy
  • Ginger Chai
  • Harmony & Balance

Although they all taste delicious, I’ve had a problem with the Tea India Ginger Chai.

There is a little heat to this tea which has made my skin flush and my body feel hot.

My favourite though has to be the Tea India Peace & Calm, this did exactly that!

Over the last week I’ve been switching off my social media an hour before bed, as well as removing my Fitbit because I feel tracking my sleep as become as obsession!

I’ve been taking my Peace & Calm tea and listening to an app with the sound of rain on leaves.

Tea India Soul Healing Teas Glass1

All this has had a dramatic effect on the quality of my sleep, it’s so much improved!

By eating the recommended foods for my pitta dosha, drinking the tea and making changes to my lifestyle I can see a positive way forward.

If your life is overtaking you, I encourage you to take the quiz, listen to the advice and try the Tea India Soul Healing Tea because life might just slow down a little for you.