Vegan Jealous Sweets

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I was lucky enough to be sent some vegan Jealous Sweets from the Ethical Superstore to try for myself and review on Crystal and Vanilla.

But stop!

They are also vegetarian, gluten free with no artificial colourings or flavourings, taste horrible?

No way! They were absolutely delicious.

I tried these on friends and family, they said they tasted like the bags of jellies that they would buy on the High Street.

Jealous Sweets is a British company founded by a couple of friends that left their finance careers for the world of confectionary.

I think that was a brilliant move, because in my opinion they are doing a fabulous job!

Little boxes of treats, that don’t fail to hit that sweet craving of mine.

Vegan Jealous Sweets

  • Curiously Covetable Candy
  • Sour Beans
  • Tangy Worms
  • Wild Cherries
  • Grizzly Bears

Jealous Sweets Covetable Candy1

Jealous Sweets – Curiously Covetable Candy

  • A mix of gummy bears and fizzy drops, mouth-watering and they make you go back for more!
  • The fizzy drops aren’t too fizzy (so no pulling faces!)

Jealous Sweets Sour Beans1

Jealous Sweets – Sour Beans

  • Definitely sour! But then they turn deliciously sweet!

Jealous Sweets Tangy Worms1

Jealous Sweets – Tangy Worms

  • Sour! If you love sour then you’re in for a treat!

Jealous Sweets Wild Cherries1

Jealous Sweets – Wild Cherries

  • Beautiful, sweet cherry flavour.
  • By far my favourite from the range, because I just love anything flavoured cherry.

Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears1

Jealous Sweets – Grizzly Bears

  • Really intense fruit flavours that get your juices flowing!

Would I Recommend Vegan Jealous Sweets?

  • This brand has totally nailed the vegetarian/vegan sweet market in my opinion.
  • No bitter aftertaste to any of the sweets I was gifted.
  • They make you want to go back for more!
  • Moreish treats, they make your mouth water.
  • If you are vegan and are struggling to find a sweet treat that tastes fabulous, try this range.

If you pop over to the Ethical Superstore website you’ll find Jealous Sweets crackers, perfect for Christmas. Pop along today and you’ll find a sale on!

Jealous Sweets, the sweets to tantalise your taste buds, yummy!

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