Dr Nick Lowe acclenz Blemish Serum

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Dr Nick Lowe acclenz Blemish Serum is my hero product in the fight against spots and blemishes!

Formulated to act against the cause of spots, blemishes and irritated skin.

It doesn’t dry my skin out of cause any peeling.

That’s because the formulation stimulates skin cell shedding but is not meant to cause any dryness.

Something I’ve found to be the case with other spot control products.

A creamy lotion, with a yellow appearance.

Dr Nick Lowe acclenz Blemish Serum Sample1

The unique ingredients within the acclenz complex work to improve skins pores.

Dr Nick Lowe has thought about everything when it comes to spots!

These ingredients also take away any excess skin surface oil.

Something my skin is quite fabulous at producing!

Great for line free skin but not so great for my desired matt skin finish!

How The Ingredients Work Together

  • Time Release Salicylic Acid – reduces intercellular cement binding cells together and increases skin shedding.
  • Slow Release Hydroxy Acid – Prolongs the benefit to skin and is less irritating.
  • Zinc & PCA – Helps to reduce shine and surface oil.
  • Niacinamide – Helps reduce surface oil and calm blemishes.
  • Eucalyptus Leaf – Slows down the growth of bacteria.

So how do you use the product?

Dr Nick Lowe acclenz Blemish Serum

  1. Use twice daily to see the best results.
  2. After cleansing, pat your skin with a clean towel until completely dry.
  3. Apply your day or night creams.
  4. Then smooth the product across your skin until completely absorbed.

I’ve been using this serum more as a spot treatment on individual spots before I go to bed.

Dr Nick Lowe acclenz Blemish Serum Bottle1

You know the ones that rear their heads at very important times!

Or the ones that arrive at the same time as your time of the month!

Double whammy!

The pump action bottle means you just take the amount you need.

So the 50ml bottle is still going 4 months later.

But depending on what spots and blemishes you need to treat.

Your bottle may last longer or less than this.

My Results

  • On individual spots, this product has worked miracles!
  • I apply a thin layer at night time and by morning the spot has gone!
  • Or blemish redness has been dramatically reduced!

Spots are gone!

If you have troublesome spots or blemishes and like me you’ve struggled to find a gentle but effective formulation.

You must try the Dr Nick Lowe acclenz Blemish Serum, there are other products in the acclenz range and they might help you too!

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