NIOD Hydration Vaccine

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NIOD Hydration Vaccine may have one of those names where you wonder what’s it for and at what stage would you use it in your skincare regime, but this is your day and night time moisturiser in the NIOD range.

You may have thought everybody needs to apply a moisturiser, but they don’t!!

Hydration technologies in a serum, because of their low viscosity are designed to be absorbed into the skin quickly.

So typically a serum will always be more results driven then a moisturiser would.

A moisturiser is typically an emulsification of oil and water which makes a great seal for your skin.

But when it comes to hydration serums do more for your skin than a moisturiser, which is why not everyone needs to apply a moisturiser.

The best way to know if you need a moisturiser is, after you have cleansed your skin, if your skin feels tight then that’s a sign that your skin is dehydrated.

The biggest place that you lose water from is your face, the NIOD Hydration Vaccine has been created to form an adaptable, breathable seal.

NIOD Hydration Vaccine Opened1

This keeps the moisture in and keeps your skin cells surrounded by water.

Even if you have hot flushes or perspire at the gym, this vaccine will continue to seal the goodness in and keep the aggressive external factors of the environment out.

You can even use it around your eye areas.

Shelf life opened is six months, unopened is two years.

It’s fragrance free.

How To Use NIOD Hydration Vaccine

  1. Use after the Copper Amino Isolate and Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex Serums.
  2. Use before any other moisturisers for example your SPF.
  3. Use on top of the NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst if using this product.

My Results Using The NIOD Hydration Vaccine

  • This product made my pores disappear.
  • The satin smooth finish made for a perfect primer prior to foundation application.
  • My skin looked and felt hydrated all day.
  • My skin felt ultra-soft.
  • I have sensitive, reactive skin; I had no breakouts or sensitivity when using this product.
  • My skin felt fresh and comfortable all day.
  • When I woke up my skin looked glowing and had an even tone to it.
  • Even though the moisturiser looks like it’s a heavy gel, it was absorbed into my skin very quickly with no greasy residue left on the surface.

If you have oily skin like me, this could be your new best friend in the fight against an oily shine on your skin throughout the day.

NIOD Hydration Vaccine Sample1

Where To Buy The NIOD Hydration Vaccine


Victoria Health

NIOD Hydration Vaccine is my little pot of gold, a little pot of treasure that keeps my skin happy and healthy; you have to try this to believe the results.


  1. noita

    2nd May 2016 at 9:20 am

    Hello! i really love your posts.
    Regarding this specific product, I was wondering if could be ok for acne prone skin.
    As apparently has some silicone, I have the doubt if can clogged pores??

    However, to tell you that I have purchased some Niod products (CAIS and the lips products) and I have seen a difference, even more in my lips…!! It is amazing!

    Thank you in advance for your comments!!!


    • Jo

      2nd May 2016 at 11:44 am

      Hi Noita, thanks for getting in touch. I have spot prone skin and the NIOD Hydration Vaccine has actually helped to decrease the amount I have. Its non greasy and I haven’t found that it clogs my pores at all. I hope that helps xx

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