Frank Usher Perfume Bottle Necklaces

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Frank Usher Perfume Bottle Necklaces are chic pieces of jewellery with a bit of a twist! I love them!

Renowned for its elegant clothing, Frank Usher has designed a range of sophisticated fashion jewellery to add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

I’d had my eye on this range for a long time, watching the beautiful jewellery being showcased on QVCUK.

Especially the perfume bottled shaped necklaces, featuring shimmering crystals inside the bottle, together with a pave crystal collar around the top of the bottle neck.

Frank Usher Perfume Bottle Necklaces colours1

But, every time I went to order, it was always so annoying sold out!

Then one day, whilst scrolling through the QVCUK programme schedule, I came across a listing for a Frank Usher TSV (Todays Special Value) and I just knew it would be the very popular perfume bottle necklace.

During the day of the TSV, I spied presenters wearing the said necklace and like an undercover agent, I had all the clues I needed to know this beautiful necklace was going to be sold at an amazing price.

Sure enough, said necklace was the TSV!

Four amazing colours to choose from meant I had a dilemma, what to choose?

Frank Usher Perfume Bottle Necklaces

  • The gunmetal tone
  • The silver tone

I couldn’t just pick one!

When they arrived, complete with faux suede pouch I just couldn’t believe the quality and the weight of the piece.

Although each piece is the same design, the tones of colour make them very different.

The silver tone shines to perfection in the sunlight.

The gunmetal tone doesn’t shine as brightly but it adds depth to my monochrome outfits.

The crystals are totally encased inside a substantial chunk of crystal glass, making me feel like I have a piece of treasure!

I sat mesmerised, trying to count the crystals!

Two types of chain together with a lobster clasp and an extender support the pendant, which although quite a weighty piece doesn’t feel heavy around my neck.

The pendant sits mid rib cage, just above my tummy button and I love to wear them both in different ways.

The silver tone, I love to wear with my crisp white shirts or pastels.

The gunmetal tone I’ve found myself loving it with monochrome or my little black dresses.

They both draw a great deal of attention!

I love these pieces so much; I know I’m going to have to have the full set!

The Frank Usher Perfume Bottle Necklaces in the gold and rose gold tones are next on my list of QVCUK purchases.

Maybe the matching earrings too!

Then there is the expanding bling ring!

OK, my shopping list is getting bigger!

If you want glamourous jewellery at less than glamourous prices but still get the quality then I would definitely recommend Frank Usher jewellery.

Glamour doesn’t have to be expensive, just Usher in Frank!

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