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Its Vintage Darling

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Its Vintage Darling Clutch Bag, a beautiful clutch and a dream to hold!

I trawl my way through vintage websites every day looking for items that make my heart flutter, every day because I’m scared I’ll miss something perfect!

I have a deal with myself; if something makes my tummy do somersaults then I buy it right away. I don’t give myself time to think about it, because if it’s a ‘one off’ item then if I blink I could miss it!

‘It’s Vintage Darling’ is one of my favourite websites, the items are always clearly listed, reasonably priced and their customer service is exceptional.

So one summer evening, armed with my mug of tea I took residence at my laptop determined to treat myself to something lovely. Tonight was all about the website ‘It’s Vintage Darling’.

I wonder what will take my fancy?


Its Vintage Darling


As I rummaged down the listings, I hovered over the picture of this!

‘The Fan’ Blue vintage inspired 1930s style Art Deco shell clutch bag.

As I hovered, I knew immediately what blouse I had that would perfectly partner this clutch, just like Fred and Ginger!

Having it! No thinking about it, it’s mine!

Now, the one thing I like about ‘It’s Vintage Darling’ is they know how to wrap and decorate your purchase.


I know what I’ve ordered, but receiving a ribbon wrapped present to myself serves to make it even more exciting to open!

As I took my little darling out of its dust bag, I said out loud ‘Oh look at you, you’re adorable’


This little clutch is quality itself; a hinged bottom makes it as solid as a rock.


A crystal encrusted handle that you press in to open the clutch, well that glitters like a disco glitter ball!


Hidden within, you have a small in length silver tone chain that is already attached to the clutch.


But as a surprising extra there is also a longer chain provided.


Super easy to detach the small chain and attach the longer one with the clasps.



You have a choice of how far down your outfit you want your clutch to go! Ingenious!


My clutch has its own blouse, my beloved Biba!

If you’re looking for a fabulous shopping experience with something special at the end of it, log on to ‘It’s Vintage Darling’.


The magazine Marie Claire has listed Its Vintage Darling in their pick of the best online vintage stores, so shop in confidence.

Well I’m sure to be back at their place tomorrow, looking for something wonderful!