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 Masato Jones the designer and name behind Masato London fashion brand.

Today I’m talking to the man behind the brand, the designer himself Masato Jones.

Masato Jones

Hi Masato, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for The Genuine Article. As a much loved fashion designer, I know my readers are going to love learning a bit more about you.

Masato, when did you decide that you’d like to enter the world of fashion?

I was a hair stylist which was well documented. I had a fascination with England and fashion especially with Lanvin catwalk shows, the clothes and also the aesthetics of Yohji Yamamoto.

What was it like to work with the designer Giles Deacon?

Many ask this in interviews, I have been part of the family since 2008. Since 2011, I have balanced my own designs and bespoke commissions for other designers.

To answer your question he is a natural person, normal, just Giles to me. He has allowed me a free rein to learn many skills or expand on the skills I learnt at Central St Martins.

Do you wear anything from the high street?  

I often wear independent designers these days, however, I like Uni Qlo, Zara and Cos. Mainly, I have a collection of Commes De Garcons, which are often gifts from another designer when he is clearing out his closet. I also have pieces of the menswear I have created, of which I have been nervous about to expand and will do so in the next collection in March 2015.

You designed for Beverley Knight when she was on tour, what did you design for her?

We designed one dress for her, a red dress that she wore  on her 2011 tour. She also has a few private pieces for her collection.

Out of all the designs you’ve created, what is your most favourite piece?

My favourite piece is a men’s waistcoat I have just made bespoke for a client,  which with his permission we will be able to show. However the design I like from the last collection the most is the Rain Lake dress.

rain lake 2 rain lake 1

I’m loving your tops Masato, I’m clinging onto Summer so this is my favourite:

With regard to food, do you cook?  

I am a trained chef, so yes I do however I am often busy so will cook for 2 to 3 days. I tend to mix Japanese style with European.

What do you like to eat? 

I eat most things my favourite is Tofu Curry, Fish Spaghetti, a nice roast. I like Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Malaysian Food and Japanese foods that you can lovingly make thanks to the Japan Food Centre in Piccadilly.

Who is the person that has influenced you the most and why?  

In fashion many have really, traditional Japanese style to the western style and placing them together. The mix of feminine with masculine for menswear. Yohji Yamamoto was an early influence and later Lanvin, Balenciaga with the early use of heavy fabrics, intricate embroidery and bold materials.

Have you an unfilled ambition that drives you on? 

To keep on designing, I am currently designing our next collection launching in March 2015. It’s been a long time, as during 2014 I have been teaching and creating private bespoke designs for both women and men. Also, I’ve been working at Giles developing clothes and assisting with the pattern cutting in the Giles family.

Is there a figure from history that you would have loved to have styled?   

Billie Holiday she was glamorous and had an amazing jazz voice.

Have you a song that means a great deal to you and why?  

Aaargh, I have so many from Japanese tracks to unsigned bands, my mind will change from one day to the next. I’m loving The Doors at present LA Woman and the singer John Mayer who once dated Katy Perry.

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?  

Walk inside the couture houses of Paris or Milan and muse among the fabrics and the corridors of the fashion heavyweights.

Have you a prized possession that you value above all others? 

Yes my first jacket I made in 2009, I will never sell it, it means a lot.

Is there a person living today that you would love to style? 

Carey Mulligan, definitely.

Is there a film that you can watch over and over again?  

Many films, I often work with a film I have seen many times playing in the background. The latest are Casino Royale and Skyfall, however I have an interest in films and often watch a film a few times. The latest film I’m watching again is Tracks, set in the Australian desert.

Have you a temptation that you wish you could resist?

Ice Cream

Me too, Masato, me too!

What do you like to do to relax?  

Holiday in Barcelona, New York, Venice beautiful places and sight seeing. I don’t get a lot of time to relax Jo.

What is your favourite Fashion Week?  

New York is my favourite fashion week

What is your happiest moment you will cherish forever?   

So many, however my first catwalk show at Central St Martins in June 2009. Most of the collection was bought by 3 people, there are still a couple of pieces a skirt and a jacket but I have never put them up for sale, they are in my archive.

Thank you so much Masato for taking the time out to talk to me, I know you’re a very busy designer.

If you’ve enjoyed reading all about Masato London then you can follow Masato on:

Twitter – @masatostudio

Facebook – masatojones

Pinterest – masatolondon

You can buy his pieces from Masato Jones on the Masato London website or online boutique.

Enjoy the beautiful bespoke fashion that is Masato London!


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