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T Plus Drinks Green Teas

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T Plus Drinks Green Teas are the new generation of functional hot drinks!

I first tried these delicious fruity flavoured green teas when I ordered a vegan hamper from another company.

Four T Plus Drinks Green Tea bags were included within the hamper and I’m so glad they were!

I love green tea but some varities are bitter and they make my nose twitch like a bunny!

Some fruit teas might smell lovely when they’re brewing but when you taste them, they taste nothing like the flavour the box says!

Not these teas!

All natural flavourings bring this tea to life and they dazzle your taste buds.

T Plus Drinks Green Teas

  • Boost – Raspberry & Pomegranate
  • Detox – Apple & Blackcurrant
  • Immunitea – Orange & Blueberry
  • Multea – Lemon & Peach

I loved these teas so much that I drank the four teas during one afternoon!

I then took to the internet to order a bundle of every flavour!

T Plus Drinks Green Teas Flavours1

Because I have at least one cup of each flavour every day!

So the Boost green tea is a clean energy blended tea with energy releasing B vitamins, I take this first thing in the morning.

A thirst quenching raspberry and pomegranate flavour.

The Multea is a multi – goodness blended tea with 9 daily essential vitamins, refreshing lemon and peach.

The Immunitea is an immune boosting tea, perfect if you feel a sniffle coming on.

Each bag has 50% RDA of your vitamin C requirement, a tasty orange and blueberry mix.

Last but not least Detox, a cleansing tea with added C & B vitamins that really tastes of apple and blackcurrant.

So inside my delivery of teas was a competition form!

What three smart changes are you going to make?

Write them on the sticker provided, stick that to your teas and post a picture on social media!

Well my friends, to cut a long story short I won a years supply of T Plus Drinks Green Teas!

Because I said I would commit to walking 10,000 steps a day!

I’m doing it and I will continue to do so!

Now I get a delivery of much loved teas every month for the next twelve months!

I can’t tell you happy that makes me because these green teas are truly super teas.

T Plus Drinks Green Teas Bag1

How To Make

  1. Brew your tea bag for about 3 minutes in water that is just coming up to boiling.

The other fabulous thing about this company is that from every sale, 10p is donated to Vitamin Angels.

A charity that provides vitamins to children and at risk mums around the world.

T Plus Drinks Green

If you want to try a new green tea, but not just any old green tea!

I can recommend the T Plus Drinks Green Teas, I think once you’ve tried them you’ll be hooked like me!