Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home, to celebrate the season that is winter Ocean Loans asked me if I’d write a piece for Crystal and Vanilla, bringing my home to the fore this winter.

They gave me a camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 with my choice of colour thrown in and asked me to talk about what I love about my home and my surroundings.

Home Sweet Home Camera1

Home Sweet Home to me is that place that you call your own, that place that welcomes you warmly whatever your day has thrown at you.

I live on the south coast of England, my place is small, I have no garden but fifteen minutes walk away I have a pebbled beach and the sea, the biggest garden pond there is!

However challenging my day has been I look forward to walking inside my front door; I can close the curtains on the world if I want to.

Winter is my favourite time of year; I’m a winter baby so I love the snow.

But now living on the south coast I rarely see it!

I spent most of my childhood living in a small village in Derbyshire where we did see snow, loads of it!

I remember as a kid making igloos out of empty ice cream tubs!

So when winter comes to the south coast, my little home rituals make me a happy girl.

When the logs start glowing red inside my fire, my toes start curling!

Home Sweet Home Fire1

When my candles are lit and I smell Yankee candle Black Cherry, I start to chill!

Home Sweet Home Candles1

When the hot chocolate and marshmallows is made and steaming in front of me I really start to relax!

Home Sweet Home Hot Chocolate1

A good film, curled up on my couch wrapped in my faux fur blanket, well that’s my Sunday afternoon.

A day of rest after a busy week and as I look around me, I know I love my Home Sweet Home.

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