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I was very kindly given the seven day Blac Charcoal Cleanse to review on Crystal and Vanilla and believe me the timing was perfect!

Now as everybody knows who follows Crystal and Vanilla, I’ve just finished a six month course of antibiotics for a very nasty bout of facial shingles.

Not one for pills and potions, medication has left my body not feeling its normal healthy self.

Before the Blac Charcoal Cleanse, my whole body just felt really acidic.

Bloating, heartburn at night and acid reflux were my major causes for concern, lack of sleep is definitely not beauty sleep!

So, let me tell you more about what’s in the bottle.

Blac Charcoal Cleanse Bottle1

This little bottle contains activated charcoal known to absorb thousands of times its own weight in toxins as it passes through your body.

Made with alkaline water, activated charcoal, lime and agave nectar it’s suitable for vegetarians like me, vegans and anybody who requires gluten or nut free products.

So I know what you’re thinking, did it turn my teeth black!

Nope, it didn’t and it didn’t taste like coal either!

Surprisingly, it tastes quite fruity and there is no face pulling bitter aftertaste either.

How To Use The Blac Charcoal Cleanse

  1. Keep the bottle refrigerated.
  2. Consume one bottle per day every evening for seven days.
  3. Consume thirty minutes before you go to bed.
  4. Combine this with a healthy lifestyle.

Blac Charcoal Cleanse Liquid1

My Results After The Blac Charcoal Cleanse

  • Four pounds lighter!
  • My body felt rebalanced.
  • I had bags of energy and still do!
  • No more heartburn or acid reflux at night.
  • No more tummy bloating.

To order the Blac Charcoal Cleanse

For me, getting over a serious illness and free from medication for the first time in six months was the ideal time to carry out this cleanse.

I feel so much better, lighter, happier and healthier and it’s definitely something I would do again.

The Blac Charcoal Cleanse is a little bottle of black magic!

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