Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow

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Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow, is the new edition to my ever growing book collection is!

I had the book on pre-order so when the release date was upon me, I was beyond excited to start my own Get the Glow challenge.

No sugar, a diet of healthy fats and eating clean was my goal and I have to say my results after only a few weeks have been astounding!

  • I am less bloated
  • I don’t feel as hungry as I used to
  • My skin is clearer and glows
  • I love cooking more than I used to
  • I feel happier
  • I have a clearer head with less headaches

I mean look how happy Madeleine looks here?!


What I love about the book is that many of the recipes serve 1 person, which means when you’re cooking for one you don’t have to be quartering or more the ingredients quantities.

Some of the recipes, when it says serves 6, for example the soups, you can batch freeze.


The recipes take minimal time to prepare and you don’t have to hunt down the ingredients on some far off health food website!

This was an absolute blessing for me, coming home from work and not having to spend hours preparing a healthy meal was fantastic.

I stayed off the sweet stuff altogether for this review, as I have a really sweet tooth and at the moment I still can’t be trusted to just have the one piece!


Here is a selection of the meals I made and ate during my time reviewing Get The Glow;

Scrambled eggs, with pesto and avocado



Halloumi salad with kale and strawberry vinaigrette



Spicy salmon with cucumber and yoghurt



All of these meals tasted delicious and kept me full for ages, I didn’t feel I needed to snack in between meals and I really did feel clean inside.

Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow

  • I will definitely keep going with this book, I live a fairly healthy lifestyle anyway but I really want to tackle my sugar intake.
  • I have been sugarless for three weeks now and I feel great, next on my agenda is to make some of the delicious sweet recipes in the book and see how my body reacts.


It has been a pure pleasure reviewing Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw, if you want to see some positive changes in your wellbeing, like me maybe in a couple of weeks then this book is a must read.

Get your glow on my lovelies!

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