NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate

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NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate is the next instalment of my NIOD Skincare reviews and I have to be honest, this hasn’t been one of my favourite products to use.

I’m happy with what the product does for my lips, but I really can’t get used to the tingle that this liquid will give you after application.

If you have been reading my NIOD series of articles, you will know that NIOD is a cutting edge, fairly new to the market skincare brand.

NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate Sample1

With up to date technologies, this 15ml of yellow liquid will deliver results without any added fragrances or pretty colours.

This really is a clinical range where everything is done in house, including NIOD having their own laboratory.

The NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate is all about your lips.

The skin on your lips is so different to the rest of your skin, believe it or not your lips have more water content than the rest of your skin.

But more often than not, your lips end up more dehydrated.

It’s also really difficult to get lip products that really work; some just make your lips drier.

This product hasn’t got a balm like texture, but it’s thicker than the NIOD serums, Copper Amino Isolate Serum and Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex and the Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate.

It will enhance your own natural lip colour, while adding volume and hydration.

But you really do have to be careful with your application.

NIOD Bio Lipid Concentrate Application

  1. Be precise.
  2. Apply one drop just to your lip area.
  3. Do not venture past your natural lip line.

I’ve applied a small amount to my wrist so you can see what happens if you do get any on your skin.

NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate Reaction1

You can see the blood has rushed to the surface, my circulation has been increased.

If you do get any on your skin, don’t worry the redness will go, although it took thirty minutes for the redness to disappear from my arm.

But then I’m a sensitive soul, you could have a different reaction.

You also must wash your hands after you’ve applied this product.

The tingle is a real tingle, so if you don’t like that feeling then this product isn’t for you.

To be honest, I can only use this product once at night time.

One, because my lips are full anyway and two because I wouldn’t want the ‘tingle’ twice a day.

I do like the results though, full of pro- collagen and pro- hyaluronic peptides my lips are soft and hydrated.

My lips look more youthful and the colour is more natural.

I put a coat of clear lip-gloss on and you’d think I have a lip stain on underneath!

Where To Buy NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate

If you are looking for a new lip product and don’t mind a real tingle, then I would recommend trying the NIOD Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate.

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