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StripTeas Teatox Review, did this daily teatox work for me?!

When the lovely people at StripTeas asked me if I’d like to review their 14 Day 3 step daily teatox, I wasn’t sure!

I think we all know about these quick fix weight loss gimmicks that are on the market, but after doing some research about the StripTeas products it appeared it wouldn’t be just weight loss that I would see during the process.

  • Detox and cleanse
  • Boost metabolism
  • Feel energised
  • Fresher skin

So, being a tea lover anyway I said yes to their kind offer.

A couple of days later these arrived at my door, the packaging alone makes you feel energised and raring to give this tea drinking malarkey a go!

StripTeas Teatox Review


Three different teas, three times a day, what could be easier than that?!

I will say that on the StripTeas website, there is an eating plan that you can follow whilst you’re tea drinking.

I didn’t follow this; I’d say I was quite a health conscious person anyway so I wanted to see what results I would get just by slurping my cuppa tea!

The following morning, at the crack of dawn the kettle went on! Straight away, no messing, water poured, 3 minute brew and I had my first brew! A lovely rich colour before my eyes, very inviting.


The tea bags are pyramid shaped, biodegradable and see through, quite intriguing to try and work out what was in the bag. Kept me quite amused!

I’m used to de-caffeinated green tea, so slightly apprehensive I took my first sip.


Very minty and refreshing, looking at the back of the packet I worked out that this must be the spearmint. It’s not overpowering but I can tell it’s there.


StripTeas recommend you have your lunchtime tea 40 minutes to an hour after you’ve eaten your lunch.

So that’s what I did, after the same amount of time brewing as my morning tea this little mug of goodness was slightly darker in appearance.


Doing my taste test sip, this tea has more of a warming kick to it, a bit of heat. Checking the back of the packet that’ll be the cinnamon, fennel and ginger. Not an overpowering taste of anything, just warmth.

I was looking forward to my night time tea, after a busy day I would normally have a camomile tea before bed so I was interested to see how this tea would compare.

The night time tea is caffeine free, which is good because I don’t want to be bouncing off the walls when I should be sleeping!


My taste test sip detects camomile and already I’m relaxing in the knowledge that this tea is something similar to what I’m used to.

I did however detect a hint of mint and vanilla, peppermint is also in this tea.

This tea is darker in appearance than the other two I’ve had today and it’s had the same amount of brewing time as the others.

What I like about Stripteas is that there aren’t any laxatives in their teas, if there was, well to be blunt anybody can lose weight if they have to have constant number twos in the bathroom (I’m being as polite as possible!)

So after my 14 day trial, how did I feel?

Well I’d lost four pounds in weight; I’m not so bothered about that though as I didn’t have much to lose.

What I did love though was, after the first week I felt lighter in myself, my head felt clearer and I did feel more energised.

You know at the end of a long day, sometimes you get home and you just feel like curling up on the sofa and doing very little else.

I got home, had my tea and then was raring to go! Lots of evening walks, writing articles etc. there was no stopping me.

My skin looked more hydrated, possibly because I was drinking more water. I found I was drinking more than I would normally during the day, so that can only be a good thing.

Even if you haven’t got much weight to lose, I would seriously recommend Strpteas just for a cleanse of your mind, body and soul.

Let StripTeas, strip away all those feelings of sluggishness and lack of energy just with three cups of tea a day!

I’m so glad I accepted their kind offer and will definitely be doing the whole process again, maybe the 28 day cleanse will have me skydiving and running a marathon!


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