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Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

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Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is my go to nail protector because I have hard working hands!

My hands are constantly in and of water, whether it be trying out beauty products or busy in the kitchen developing recipes.

I always apply hand cream after washing my hands and the last thing I do at night is to massage some lovely oils into my hands, nails and cuticles.

Even after doing that, I still have one annoying nail that splits when it gets to a certain length which means I have to cut all my nails down to match it.

I damaged the nail when I was cleaning a tank for Red Nose Day and I don’t mean a water tank I mean an Army Tank!

It was meant to be a charity car wash but then a tank pulled up into the car park and you can’t turn away the lads and lasses of our Armed Forces can you??

These are my nails at the start of the four week trial.


Then I discovered the Perfect Formula Collection and everything changed!

Having watched and listened to the product demonstration on QVC, I was intrigued with the immediate results that the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat gave the nails.


Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

  • The product contains a hint of pink and an optical brightener that makes your nail bed look rosy pink and filters out any yellow on the tips of your nails. So the whites of your nails look whiter. The result is healthy looking nails.
  • Perfect Formula creates a thick protein rich coating which instantly strengthens, seals and protects your natural nails so they grow strong and healthy.
  • The products are marketed for use on all nail types: brittle, weak, splitting, peeling nails and nails damaged by salon acrylics and gels.
  • All of the Perfect Formula products contain Keratin, the main protein of the nail.

I’ve been using the Pink Gel Coat, the Gel Coat and the Daily Moisture for four weeks now and my results have been amazing.


On a clean nail, I apply one coat of the Pink Gel Coat and let it dry; it’s self levelling so there will be no lumps and bumps!

I used only four brush strokes of the product to cover each nail.

I then follow with one coat of the Gel Coat to give a double layer of protection; this makes the Pink Gel Coat look even glossier.

IMG_2377 - Copy

The Daily Moisture I use after washing my hands and last thing at night before bed.


This product is a nail and cuticle conditioner that infuses the nails and cuticles with moisture. The formula is made up of Jojoba Oil, Keratin Protein and Vitamin E to prevent brittleness.

I’ve also used this product underneath the nail tip as this is the oldest part of the nail and needs the most strengthening.

This Pink Gel Coat process only needs to be done once a week and it can be removed with any nail polish remover; you don’t need to soak your nails.

My nails have become more flexible, but resilient and have grown strong and healthy over the last four weeks.

So much, I have had to cut them because I couldn’t type!

I’ve also put my nails through their paces, housework, making jewellery, cleaning the car. You name it I’ve done it, just to test the product and see whether my nails would crack under the pressure.

Nope! Not even a dent in the gel coat!

This is how my nails looked after four weeks! Longer than they have ever been and my naughty nail hasn’t split either. It went the same distance as all my other nails!


If you have weak nails, I would seriously recommend giving Perfect Formula a try. It has totally worked for me and I’m sticking with it.

So many people have stopped me and said that my nails look really pink and healthy and I must admit, I’ve given away a few bottles of the Pink Gel Coat to friends and family.

It’s good to share the love of a natural nail after all! Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is fabulous!