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Real Techniques Blush Brush

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Real Techniques Blush Brush, one of the best blusher brushes I have and I don’t think it could ever be beaten!

Having a background in hair and beauty, I know you have to have the right tools to get fantastic results.

For me, you get what you pay for. So when it comes to makeup brushes I’m more than willing to pay a few extra pounds to buy quality.

Most of my collection is now from Real Techniques, a range devised by Sam and Nic Chapman, two professional makeup artists.

The brush I’m going to completely rave about today is the blush brush.

Real Techniques Blush Brush


This blush brush has to be the softest I’ve ever felt on my skin, it’s as soft as a cotton wool ball and doesn’t scratch at all.


The synthetic bristles are hand cut and are 100% cruelty free and allow flawless blending, contouring and definition to my cheeks.


The handle is light and easy to hold.


The whole brush is light enough to allow self- standing, so the footprint is small on my dressing table which is great.


I wash the brush every week in a gentle baby shampoo and after three months there is still no shedding and it dries completely overnight.


What I really like is that I get precise application of my blusher for a natural daytime look or I can build on it for a night time wow!


Sam and Nic definitely know what us makeup loving lasses want and have put together some You Tube step by step tutorials to help you on your way.


I would say to anyone looking for a new blush brush try the Real Techniques Blush Brush, I think like me, once you have one, you’ll be adding to your collection very soon!