MAC Brave Lipstick

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The MAC Brave Lipstick has been a real eye opener in my search for the perfect ‘nude’ lipstick!

I hold my hands up; I’m not really a ‘nude’ kind of girl!

I want so much to be though!

Nine times out of ten, when I apply a nude lipstick my lips just disappear from my face!

I have full lips, lips that cause some people to say ‘Have you had a procedure’?

I haven’t and I love the fact that I still have full lips in my forties.

Because as we age, lips can become thinner.

So I want to show mine off!

MAC Brave Lipstick Bullet1

I’d seen the MAC Brave Lipstick all over social media.

Instagram pictures with comments like ‘The best nude lipstick ever’!

I started to feel a bit left out!

So I thought I’m just going to give it a go.

Purchased with my own pennies.

I haven’t looked back lovely people!

For start, the packaging is sleek and chic.

MAC Brave Lipstick Packaging1

I know it’s not about the packaging, but the whole experience of a product is important to me.

What I loved about this lipstick is that it’s a pink-beige.

MAC Brave Lipstick Swatch1

So that means I still get that hint of pink that I love on my lips.

With a satin feel, it glides on like a dream.

This is one of those lipsticks that you can wear day or night.

I’d pop on a slather of lip gloss in the evening for a glass like finish.

Just make sure you exfoliate your lips first!

Nobody likes to see lips shedding like a snake!

How To Wear

MAC Brave Lipstick

  1. Straight from the bullet
  2. Or for a more precise look, apply with a lip brush

Where To Buy – MAC Brave Lipstick

So if you’re a bit like me when it comes to a ‘nude’ lipstick.

Be brave and try the MAC Brave lipstick, you might find that this one’s for you!

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