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Sheilas Natural Products

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Sheilas Natural Products are just that, all natural! These beautiful handmade balms and bars are 100% organic and suitable for vegetarians.

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, paraben free, non GM, no animal testing!

So natural, they are also food safe!

I’m a jewellery maker and my hands suffer a great deal, so I was delighted when I was asked if I’d like to review some of Sheilas Natural products.

I choose the Chamomile range and I would be testing them out on my hands.

These delightful little balms and bars are blended with oils, butters and beeswax that are chosen for their healing properties.

Lovingly handmade in the UK and made from only the finest ingredients sourced from Scotland.

Sheilas Natural Products Chamomile Balm1

Totally made to be multipurpose the balms can be used for soothing cuts, treating weather beaten skin, ease the symptoms of cold sores and chapped lips.

They are even gentle enough to be used on babies!

The barrier bar protects hard working hands before they go to work, so ideal if you’re a gardener, mechanic or hairdresser where stringent products are used, the list is endless!

Sheilas Natural Products Barrier Bars1

So if they’re gentle enough for babies I thought they must be ok for my delicate skin!

Sheilas Natural Products – How To Use

  1. Just apply to your sore areas and rub the product into your skin (balm)
  2. Apply as if using soap but with no water (bar)

Sheilas Natural Products – My results

  • My skin and nails were really conditioned after use.
  • I applied both products at night, the bar first followed by the balm.
  • I followed with cotton gloves for a really intensive, night time conditioning treatment.
  • My nails grew like no tomorrow!
  • The balm was an excellent as a cuticle conditioner.
  • Dry skin, all gone!

Sheilas Natural Products – Where To Buy

I can’t tell you how much I love these products! Well I suppose I can, I’ve just ordered two pots of the Chamomile Balm!

Although I’ve used the barrier bar every night it still looks like it’s hardly been used!

I will definitely order more of this product when the bar has shrunk a bit!

Sheilas Natural Products have totally transformed the look and feel of my skin, it’s my hands first aid kit in a jar and a bar and I totally recommend you try them for yourself.