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Vatika Hair Care Products are a favourite of the women in the Middle East and Asia but have recently taken the UK market by storm; stockists include Superdrug, Tesco and Asda.

Vatika offers a wide range of oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and styling creams in their different ranges.

Ranges include, Argan Oil, Tea Tree, Cactus, Amia, Egg Protein, Olive Oil and Black Seed which was shortlisted in The Hair Awards.

So when I was asked if I’d like to try some products from the range I jumped at the chance!

Asked if I’d like to pick for myself, I choose instead to supply my hair details to the company and let them send me what they thought was best for my hair.

My hair is fine and is highlighted blonde.

So I received the Vatika Egg Protein Hair Mask and the Coconut Enriched Hair Oil.

The Egg Protein Hair Mask is a thick yellow cream.

Vatika Hair Care Products Egg Mask1

It repairs split ends, adding strength to hair, combined with honey it helps to retain moisture for a silky look.

The Coconut Enriched Hair Oil adds fullness, radiance and shimmer to your hair.

Coconut oil combined with extracts of castor and henna create volume and thickness.

Egg Protein Hair Mask – How To Use

  1. Use on hair post wash.
  2. Coat your hair strands with the product.
  3. Comb through your hair.
  4. Wrap your hair in a towel and let the product work its magic for 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

Coconut Enriched Hair Oil – How To Use

  1. Apply the oil to your scalp and hair prior to washing.
  2. Wrap your hair in a towel and for best results leave it on overnight.
  3. Shampoo and Condition your hair.

Vatika Hair Care Products Coconut Oil1

Vatika Hair Care Products – My Results

  • You don’t need to use very much of the Egg Protein Mask, I have shoulder length hair and I used a dessertspoon amount.
  • It’s a very rich and thick, so make sure you really massage the product into your hair well so it penetrates into your hair.
  • It doesn’t smell eggy, but I could smell honey.
  • I left the product on my hair for 15 minutes then rinsed my hair thoroughly.
  • I didn’t need to use a conditioner after this.
  • My hair felt super soft and after blow drying I could really see a difference in the colour.
  • It’s difficult to get a shine on blonde hair but I achieved it with this product.
  • You don’t need to use a lot of the Coconut Enriched Hair Oil, it’s very concentrated.
  • I applied a small puddle in my palm amount to my scalp and hair prior to washing.
  • It didn’t smell of coconut to me.
  • I left the product overnight.
  • I then washed and conditioned my hair in the morning.
  • I could feel a difference in the texture of my hair straightaway, even when my hair was wet it felt thicker.
  • You really need to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the product or in my opinion it could make your hair feel limp and greasy.
  • I didn’t use any styling products prior to blow drying.
  • My hair was quicker to blow dry and did look thicker.

I felt that the bottle top could be better; you have to remove the top completely to get to the product which means you have to be careful when pouring it out of the bottle.

A flip top with a hole underneath would better control the amount of oil that you need.

Vatika Hair Care Products – Where To Buy

Although I found these Vatika Hair Care Products a little messy to use, they really did do what they said they would do for my hair so I would buy them again and you do get a lot of product for your money.

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