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When I was asked to be part of the Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams Campaign I truly was delighted to take part.

I’m a big dreamer, usually weird dreams that reflect what has happened during my day but on a far more dramatic scale that I can make no sense of.

So when my ‘Dream Box’ arrived, I really did hope that Silentnight could help me understand the meaning of my dreams.

What I didn’t plan for was me interpreting a recurring dream in a positive way and planning what to do next!

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams Box1

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams

  • Dream Journal
  • The Complete A to Z Dictionary Of Dreams
  • Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Infusion
  • This Works Sleep
  • Hippo Toy

The Clipper Sleep Infusion was a little cuddle, totally relaxing me before bedtime.

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams Tea1

The This Works Pillow Spray was a wonder product, I was out like light and I’ve since ordered the full size.

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams This Works1

The Dictionary Of Dreams book that I received reflects all the definitions, opportunities, abilities and realisations that you are unconsciously aware of in day to day life.

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams Dream Dictionary1

This book wasn’t what I was expecting, to be honest, other dream meaning books I’ve read just give you a point blank definition of what they think your dreams mean.

So if lots of people have the same kind of dream, you all get the same meaning.

This book tells you to do the following based on what images were in your dreams;

  1. Define what that image you have created actually means to you.
  2. Ask yourself naming, reflecting and expanding questions to explore new opportunities.
  3. Create a specific action statement so that you can transform your ambitions into reality.

Naming – name the subject of the question, identify what meaning is emerging for you.

Reflecting – Reflect on its existing value in your life.

Expand – Expand your awareness of how your situation can evolve.

Using these three questions above, use your dream image as a basis for taking practical action.

Create a specific action plan and transform your ambitions into reality.

What you get from the book is that, you may have had the worst dream ever, a nightmare that scares the pants off you!

But by reading the definitions of the image in that dream, you can interpret them into meaning something good, something that you want to change or positively plan for the future.

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams Definitions1

So what was my recurring dream?

I dream about a ginger cat following me everywhere, outside or even when I’m indoors.

In my dream I’m sat at a desk typing on my laptop, the cat is sat on the desk with me, it stares at me but not in a menacing way, it purrs and its eyes open and close sleepily.

I’ve often thought this meant I’m being watched in some way.

I’m not even keen on ginger cats, so I thought this was someone who didn’t like me was watching me!

Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams Ddream Journal1

But reading this book and writing in my journal has totally changed my mind on this thought and I’m taking everything I’ve interpreted as positive news!

I wrote in my Dream journal and drew a little picture of the face of the cat that I keep seeing in my dreams.

In my mind my dream is symbolic of something.

I then used the Dictionary Of Dreams to reflect, looking at words associated with my images.

An animal in a dream is supposed to be a reflection of your instinctive creativity in your waking life.

A cat in a dream means the instinctive ability to assert my independence and freedom by feeling really relaxed and comfortable about myself.

I’ve been receiving lots of praise for the hard work I’ve put into and continue to put into Crystal and Vanilla and I feel happy and contented about that.

I think this is the meaning of my dream.

But I want to develop the website and my future further and this little dream has made me sit down and write an action plan.

There are a couple of ideas that I’ve been considering for a while now, obviously they are still under wraps at this present time but they will be revealed soon!

So this is what I think, a dream is just a dream until you put it into action.

How can I put my dream meaning into meaningful action?

Watch this space!

I have a plan!

To find out more about this campaign, here is the link to the Silentnight website.

Thank you to Silentnight Meaning Of Dreams, you’ve inspired me!


  1. Kate

    11th December 2015 at 2:40 pm

    What a great post! I love reading up on my dreams what they mean, this sounds right up my street! and also a family member has had the original silent night hippo toy for years haha, he’d love the toy 😀
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Jo

      12th December 2015 at 10:58 am

      Hi Kate, thanks for your kind words! I loved being part of this campaign, it was so much fun!

  2. Kathryn

    13th December 2015 at 8:53 am

    A great post Jo and you should feel very proud about what you have achieved, love your blog. Really well done xx

    • Jo

      14th December 2015 at 6:26 pm

      Thank you my lovely xx

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