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Elemis Biotec Skincare, hand on heart my most favourite skincare to date! I know people, that’s some statement to make when you test skincare like I do!

My skin was tired; it was lacking radiance and energy.

Lifeless layers of skin that I was trying to cover up with layers of makeup!

The skincare I was using at the time stopped working so well, I needed a reboot!

That’s where the power of Elemis took over!

They picked me up, took control of my skin and for two months they worked their scientific magic!

I treated myself to an Elemis QVC TSV and the only regret I have is that I didn’t buy more of the kits!

I truly have sensitive skin, after having facial shingles last year my skin has never really been the same!

As with any brand of skincare, I recommend doing a patch test first to see if your skin doesn’t have a negative reaction.

For the purposes of this post, I’m only going to review the Elemis Biotec products, the night time cream I’ll talk about in a separate post.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’ve received no payment and I paid for the kit with my own hard earned pennies!

I’ve only used this kit alongside a makeup remover, toner, eye cream and exfoliator from the same brand for the last two months.

So I can give you all a genuine account of the changes in my skin, good or bad!

So what’s in the kit?

Elemis Biotec Skincare

  • Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser
  • Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream
  • Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream
  • Silver Bag

To start with, this 3 step treatment programme is as easy as can be!

You don’t have to think too hard, the science has been done for you; you just need to slap it on your face, pronto!

Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser

Elemis Biotec Skincare Cleanser1

This beautifully scented creamy cleanser kick starts your skins reprogramming.

With a gorgeous mix of 3 gentle acids, taken from milk, plant and fruit seeds.

It sweeps away any impurities, deep cleansing and rebalancing on its way.

Suitable for all age groups and skin types, it works on acne prone skin up to more mature skin.

Restoring the skins natural balance, sucking up dead skin cells like a dynamic hoover!

You may get some spots to start with!

This system is bringing all the rubbish out of your skin!

But your skin will look and feel matte to the touch, great if you have oily skin like mine!

Warm notes of amber, the Greek word for electric stimulate the natural electrodes in your skin.

To me, this cleanser smells like a warm ginger beer!

It’s lovely, honest!

Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream

Elemis Biotec Skincare Daycream1

This is a two phase moisturising system that when dispensed comes out of the bottle together.

The cream phase has beautiful cherry seed oil lurking within it that’ll keep your skin hydrated for 12 hours.

The gel phase is a trail of positive and negative ions.

When you mix the two together you get pure nectar!

Zinc and copper burst onto the skin and wake your skin, pumping your skin cells full of energy!

Elemis Biotec Skincare – How To Use

  1. In the morning, cleanse with the Biotec cleanser.
  2. Follow with your eye cream.
  3. If you use a serum, mix this into 1 to two pumps of the Biotec Day Cream.
  4. If you put the serum on first, this will act as a barrier for the day cream, we don’t want that!
  5. If you’re using an SPF, wait ten minutes for your day cream to settle first.
  6. In the evening, cleanse your face first with a makeup remover.
  7. I used the Elemis Chamomile Cleanser.
  8. Then use the Biotec cleanser, it’s a rinse off with water.
  9. Follow with a toner; I used the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner.
  10. Follow with your favourite eye cream.
  11. Finish with your Elemis Night Cream

Elemis Biotec Skincare – My Results

  • I didn’t get one spot!
  • No negative skin reactions.
  • After 5 days of just using these products, my skin was less red and irritated.
  • It was an even tone and it felt cool to the touch.
  • My skin felt plumper, more hydrated and it felt alive.
  • It’s a beautiful easy system to use and I’ve seen massive changes in my skin.
  • After two months, I can honestly say my skin is the healthiest it’s been for over a year!
  • It feels and looks healthy and I’m using far less makeup now.

If you have tired, stressed skin or skin prone to spots that’s sending out an SOS you need to try these products!

Start now; it’s a perfect time with the change of season.

Elemis Biotec Skincare – Where To Buy

Give your skin cells an energy boost, get them jumping for glowing, hydrated joy by investing in the Elemis Biotec Skincare!


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  2. Yasmine choudhry

    22nd March 2017 at 5:47 pm

    I got this too am a elemis and qvc beauty tsv junkie.
    I got this too but have so much skincare not tried it. Cannot wait now after reading this review.
    I have combination skin whixh is oily,dry,normal. Can be a nightmare

    • Jo

      16th April 2017 at 9:30 pm

      This was a joy to use! I totally just used this system for two months and the benefits were huge. Will be doing another two months this year xx

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