MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist

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MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist is one of those skincare products that I can’t be without!

Brought to us by the cult Australian brand MV Organic Skincare, it’s one of my desert island must haves!

When I spritz this magical mist onto my parched skin my pores do a happy dance!

Winter brings woes for my skin and central heating wrecks evens more havoc on my sensitive skin.

Hot summers make my skin feel dehydrated!

But whatever the weather throws at me I know the MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist is like my first aid kit!

A spray or two from the bottle brings relief, a sense of calm and my skin feels refreshed.

MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist Bottle1

MV Organic Skincare’s philosophy is ‘fewer ingredients but in higher concentrations’

So their Rose Hydrating Mist simply contains rose floral water!

No overpowering rose perfume, just a delicate scent of rose petal.

It delivers hydration to my skin even before I’ve applied my moisturiser.

Great for a skin pick me up during the day if like me you’re in and out of doors all day.

It gives my skin a dewy glow.

In the summer I keep the bottle in the fridge for a cooling spritz.

It takes down my high colour when the skin sensitivity sets in.

So perfect if you have sensitive skin or rosacea.

MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist Details1

In the winter I use this beautiful mist after I’ve cleansed with the MV Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic.

MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist – How To Use

  1. Spritz 2-4 times to dampen your skin.
  2. Then apply your moisturiser.
  3. Reapply throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your skin.

MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist – Where To Buy

If your skin is looking or feeling parched but your skin is sensitive to too many products, the MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist is my recommendation to you.

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