TreeVitalise Birch Water

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I was very kindly sent some TreeVitalise Birch Water in the three flavours currently available to review on Crystal and Vanilla.

Sold as an undiluted, unsweetened, energising, refreshing, cleansing drink with only 9 calories, TreeVitalise Birch Water in Original, Lemon and Mint arrived at my door.

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Now if you have never heard of TreeVitalise Birch Water, it really is natural birch water!

It’s brewed inside the birch tree!

The Original flavour is pure birch sap.

The Lemon flavour is made with a peel infusion.

The Mint flavour is made with a leaf infusion.

TreeVitalise Birch Water

  • When pristine Carpathian snows begin to melt in early Spring, the birch tree prepares to come back to life.
  • It draws up the new liquid from the soil, acting as a natural filter and enriching the sap with nutrients.
  • Without any harm to the tree, tapping directly from it results in a perfectly clear, freshly sweet drink packed with goodness and renowned for centuries as a health-boosting and detoxifying tonic.

I have such a love for health and wellbeing that I couldn’t wait to try TreeVitalise Birch Water.

If you’re been following Crystal and Vanilla then you will have seen me making my own infused waters, so TreeVitalise Birch Water is right up my street.

So How Did I Get On?

  • I tried the Original first, it’s an acquired taste at first, and I’ve never tasted anything quite like it!
  • It’s very refreshing and I keep going back for more, I’m enjoying it.
  • There is no nasty aftertaste.
  • It tastes much fresher when it’s chilled.
  • The Lemon flavour has a really distinctive lemon taste, totally different from the Original; I like this one a lot.
  • The Mint flavour is my favourite; it tastes a little bit like chilled green tea which I absolutely love to drink.
  • I decided to add another infusion of my own to this flavour and added some fresh raspberries and left them to infuse overnight.
  • Yet again, a totally different flavour!
  • The Treevitalise Birch Water seems to be able to take on the flavour of whatever you add to it; there was a clear taste of raspberries with a backdrop of the mint now.
  • I added some cucumber to the Original flavour, so refreshing!
  • I then added some Manuka honey to the Lemon flavour, totally comforting!

This product is perfect for me during the heat of this barmy Summer we’re having at the moment, kept in the fridge it’s a glass of hydration and a cleansing pick me up!

If you’re thinking, yuk, tree sap, I won’t like it!

Please don’t!

I hadn’t a clue what tree sap tasted like!

If you didn’t know what it was before you drank it, you’d think it’s just flavoured water.

It doesn’t taste like trees!

TreeVitalise Birch Water is a lovely refreshing drink, my favourite is the Mint flavour but I enjoyed all three because they all taste so different from each other.

Like me you can add your own fruits to the mix or if you’re on the go, this will refresh and energise you throughout the day.

Revitalise with TreeVitalise!


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