Coyo Chocolate Raspberry Lollies

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Coyo Chocolate Raspberry Lollies are my guilty pleasure, but maybe I don’t need to be feeling guilty at all!

Coyo coconut milk yoghurt is dairy free, vegan, soya free, no added sugar, lactose free, gluten free and one whole coconut is in every 100g!

Having the consistency of Greek yoghurt, Coyo takes the smooth taste of the coconut and combines it with live cultures to produce this thick, delicious taste of paradise.


My new found friend and one that will be taking up permanent residency in my fridge, or maybe even my freezer!

Looking for other ways to eat Coyo other than straight from the pot and believe me, once you start it is quite easy to get to the bottom of the pot quite quickly!

I starting mixing and whisking and hey presto my Coyo Chocolate Raspberry Lollies were born!

I’m a bit of a lolly monster! If I can find a way of making a lolly with the ingredients I have then you know it’s going to happen!

This recipe makes 2 average sized lollies.

You will need some lolly moulds. But if you haven’t got any, don’t worry you can just pop the mixture into an empty plastic ice-cream tub and make your own ice-cream.

This is delicious any way you choose to serve it!


Coyo Chocolate Raspberry Lollies

  • 250g COYO Yoghurt (raw chocolate flavour)
  • 1 cup of raspberries slightly crushed
  • 1 tbsp honey (optional)


Mix the COYO with raspberries.


If you are using it then, drizzle on the honey.


Mix well until everything is evenly combined.

Pour the mixture into the lolly moulds and insert a wooden stick (about half way down the lolly)


Pop into the freezer and leave overnight until the lolly has set hard.

Stand the moulds/ice lollies in hot water for around 5 minutes to loosen the lolly from the mould.

There you have it!


A scrumptious guilt free lolly that’s not just for the kids!


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