Rejuvenated Aliol Vegan Omega 3

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Rejuvenated Aliol Vegan Omega 3 is a vegan omega 3 from marine algae!

A vegan source of vegan omega 3 from marine algae, which is a potent source of phospholipids and essential DHA fatty acids.

These are known for their amazing health benefits for the heart and brain.

Algae is the food that gives fish its high omega 3 content.

Our body doesn’t naturally create omega 3, but it’s vital for many of our physiological processes.

As the Rejuvenated Aliol vegan omega 3 is vegan friendly, this means that you’ll get all these wonderful health benefits without going anywhere near a fish!

It’s completely fish free, so no horrible fishy taste in your mouth that takes ages to go away!

When the lovely people at Rejuvenated asked me if I’d like to try their product and review on Crystal and Vanilla, I jumped at the chance!

If you follow my skincare stories, you’ll know I love this brand.

I’ve been taking one of their other products, Collagen Shots for years, this link takes you to my review in January 2014!

That’s the reason I think I was asked for proof of my age buying alcohol on one of my over 40 birthdays!

If you’re taking Collagen Shots like I am, then you can quite happily take the Aliol capsules alongside your daily shot.

The sachet I received had 60 capsules inside.

Rejuvenated Aliol Vegan Omega 3 dosage1

Rejuvenated Aliol Vegan Omega 3

  • I took 2 capsules a day with a small glass of water.
  • Each capsule holds 500mg of DHA omega 3 fatty acids.

I did the whole course of 30 days before writing my review.

I noticed that my skin became more supple and hydrated.

I had more of a glow than usual!

I trust this brand, so if they say it’s good for my heart and brain then I believe them!

That can only be a good thing!

Over time, maybe I’ll need to make less lists of what I need to do in my day! My memory will be on fire!

The capsules are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat and yeast.

I want to carry on trying to become a brainy beauty! So I’m going to continue to take these supplements.

Rejuvenated Aliol Vegan Omega 3

If you’re vegan or even if you’re not and you want to supplement your omega 3 requirement, I can’t recommend the Rejuvenated Aliol Omega 3 highly enough.


  1. Kathryn

    8th March 2017 at 10:51 pm

    What a lovely review, thank you so much Jo, we love you to bits and are thrilled that you love our brand xxx

    • Jo

      10th March 2017 at 6:53 pm

      I really do love your brand, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended one or more of your products to people because I know they work xx

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