Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit

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This Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit has 12 essential products that could help your party celebrations run like clockwork!

The gold glittery bag measuring; H 8cm x W 12cm x D 6 cm is like a Mary Poppins carpet bag!

You just keep wondering how the heck all those products could come out of one little bag!

Priced at £24 with free UK shipping, I’d seen this little bag advertised in a Sunday magazine and knew straight away I had to have my own Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit.

Because at one stage or another, I’ve needed nearly every product in the kit!

What’s In The Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit?

Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit Contents1

You’re getting ready for the party of the century and you can’t find an earring back to your favourite pair of earrings!

No worries, you’re covered, this kit has a pair!

You’re running late, there is no way you have time to wash your hair and it looks and feels like a greasy chip pan!

No worries, you have a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo, a hair tie, some hair slides and a foldaway brush and mirror. You can wash your fringe and then brush and tie everything back!

The dry shampoo is a wonder product! If I have a dirty fringe it’s a nightmare, I have a cow lick and it stands proud from my hairline like a unicorns horn if my hair needs a wash!

You’re ready to go, you look a million dollars in those killer new heels but three hours later you have a blister on your heel and with every step you take the soles of your feet feel like they are on fire!

Over the years, I’ve lost countless ‘one shoes’ from a pair because I’ve taken my shoes off, carried them and then lost one shoe!

Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit Shoes1

What do you do? This kit comes with a plaster for your blister and a pair of roll up stretchy black ballet flats (suitable for sizes 4-8)

Oh the relief of flats!

You’re having a great night, and then your friend starts gesturing at your chest in a funny sort of nodding motion!

You look down and you see you’ve lost one of your blouse buttons! You’re showing a little bit more of your right boob than you’d really like to! I really was!!

What do you do? There’s a sewing kit! Sew that blouse shut!

During that sewing moment, you catch a nail and all you can think about is that’s going to ladder your stockings at some point in the evening.

Not a problem, you have a nail file in the kit.

It’s late and your taxi hasn’t turned up, I hate that!

Your friend suggests you stay over with him, but you worry that if you don’t take that six layers of mascara off tonight then you will never get it off, and your lashes will stay like burnt matchsticks or just fall out!

No worries, there are makeup remover wipes!

There is a mini pack of playing cards in this kit, just in case the party is rubbish but I have another way to use them!

Thinking twice about whether you should stay with your new friend, you don’t know him that well but you’d like to get to know him.

Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit Cards1

You can always write your number on the back of your heart!

I love this little Emma Lomax Party SOS Kit; it’s a small bag with mighty offerings that you’ll hear yourself saying, oh thank goodness I bought that!

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