Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls

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Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls, did they do what they said they would on the pot for me?!

If you follow me, then you’ll know I have high colour on my face.

I’m always on the hunt for that perfect product that can defuse my redness.

Not just for myself, but for any of my lovely readers that are suffering with the same.

My friend has just become an Avon representative, so I have access to the Avon book now.

Being a beauty professional, I can’t get enough of beauty products and in a book with pictures!

I’m like a child in a sweet shop!

Now I don’t usually buy products because they look pretty!

Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls Swatch1

But I did with the Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls!

They shone like diamonds!

But did they deliver colour correction for me?

I would say it was subtle!

If you have mild reddening of your skin, then I would say they might work for you.

Marketed for all skin types, this is important to me because my skin is sensitive.

Purple – Counteracts yellowness in skin.

Cream – Adds highlights

Yellow – Neutralises purple tones in your skin

Green – Reduces redness

Peach – Balances dark spots

A generous 22g pot will last ages because you don’t need to use a lot at one time.

Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls Weight1

How To Apply

Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls

  1. Apply all over the face with a loosely packed bristle brush.

Where To Buy – Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls

Although this product didn’t colour correct enough for my skin.

What I did enjoy was that it was a fabulous cheekbone highlighter!

Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls Highlighter1

So that’s how I’m going to continue using them.

Alas my search for colour correction continues.

But if you have a complexion that just requires mildly evening out then I would recommend trying the budget friendly Avon True Colour Correcting Pearls.

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