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Healgel Intensive has been saving my skin over the last few months and this product is something that is going to stay in my beauty cabinet from now on!

If you follow Crystal and Vanilla, then you’ll know there haven’t been many articles published lately because I came down with a serious case of Shingles followed by a bacterial infection.

The whole of my chin was an open wound and the pain was outrageous!

Hospitals and Doctors have been my best friends and I haven’t been well enough to work for the last four months.

As the antibiotics and painkillers started to work their magic, and my open wound closed over I was looking for a product that would help heal my scars. My massive scars!

I first heard about Healgel Intensive from a Doctor on Instagram, she was raving about this wonder product that could heal just about every skin condition going.

That was music to my ears and to be honest, after the trauma I’ve endured over the last few months I would have tried anything, whatever the cost to help my skin.

I also read that a top makeup artist had been using it for over a year and wouldn’t be without it.

I bought myself some Healgel Intensive from Cult Beauty; it arrived in a 30ml pump action bottle with pretty much every instruction and information guide written on its side!

Healgel Intensive Bottle1

This non-oily aqueous gel has been designed by five plastic surgeons in the UK to soothe, repair and regenerate stressed skin.

Healgel Intensive Gel1

Everything from eczema to keloid scars, Healgel Intensive is marketed as a product that will repair inflamed, irritated and traumatised skin aiding a speedy recovery.

It says on the bottle that it’s suitable for all skin types.

You apply the gel to clean skin and when I applied the gel to my chin it was instantly cooling; in fact my skin felt icy cold which for me was fabulous because my skin has been feeling on fire over the last few months.

When you apply Healgel Intensive, the gel forms an instant protective layer on top of your skin that allows the active ingredients in the gel to work beneath.

Arnica, Madecassoside (a herb often used in Chinese medicine) peptides and amino acids work together to reduce any inflammation, aid cell renewal and increase collagen production as well as reduce swelling, bruising and the appearance of scars.

Reasons To Use Healgel Intensive

  • Heal post-surgery scars
  • Heal post-laser treatments
  • Puffiness
  • Acne
  • Blemishes
  • Wrinkles
  • Rashes
  • Psoriasis
  • Burns
  • Stretch marks
  • Swollen bags under the eyes
  • Bites
  • Cracking, dry skin
  • It can even be used as a makeup primer

The only thing you can’t use Healgel on is an open wound.

I’ve been using Healgel Intensive twice a day for just over three weeks now, I wouldn’t normally write a product review until I’ve used a product for around six weeks but my results have been so amazing.

I got in touch with Healgel to see if this product is classed as a moisturiser and it is, so you can use it all over your face like you would a moisturiser. If you feel like your skin needs something else then you can apply your normal serums and day/night creams.

Then if you’re going outside, you’d apply your SPF on top.

I had an appointment with my Doctor last week and he was astounded with how my skin was looking.

I took my bottle of Healgel with me and spoke to him about what the product was doing for me.

He was so impressed that he took a photo of Healgel Intensive and said he was going to do some research on the product.

Healgel Intensive Sample1

If you’ve had Shingles yourself you will know the pain is outrageous, I’ve never given birth but this was pain like no other I had experienced.

I have some nerve damage in my face and Healgel Intensive is numbing the nerve pain I have!

When I put this gel on, it feels like I’m applying anesthetic!

Healgel Intensive for me is a bathroom cabinet essential; please let me know if you try it for yourself and what results you get from using it.

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