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Yours Truly Organics Repairing Serum

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Yours Truly Organics Repairing Serum, such a fabulous serum!

I was delighted when the lovely people at Yours Truly Organics sent me their Fix me! Repairing Serum to review.

By chance, I was on the hunt for a new serum so the timing was perfect for this delightful little package to arrive at my door.

To begin, beautiful packaging that indeed as the label suggested was beautiful inside and out, well at least fulfilled the ‘out’!

Yours Truly Organics Repairing Serum


I’m not going to question the organic side of Yours Truly Organics; the packaging has every kind of approval stamp you can think of on it, including cruelty free which I love immediately.

This 30ml rather tactic stubby bottle is a delight, many serums I’ve tried come in miniature bottles that are hard to handle and dispense, but this is substantial.


Looking at the ingredients, a fair percentage of which is made up of delicious oils I’m surprised to find the serum isn’t greasy at all. In fact it’s like nothing else I’ve ever tried before.

It’s perfect if you’ve never tried a serum because you worry it’ll be too oily for your skin.

More of a liquid than an oil, I do suggest you ‘shake it to wake it’ before you dispense the recommended pea sized amount.


Put on the back of my hand, it’s more of a ‘runner’ than a ‘stayer’


I could smell the beautiful aromas instantly. I can smell ripened oranges with a hint of the tropics!

This is my first time trying a product for the Yours Truly Organics range, so with any new product I always do a patch test behind my ear before I use it. As I’m a sensitive soul, this will tell me if the product upsets my skin or not.

Pulling on my beauty therapist background, I would also recommend that when you do decide to start using a new brand; always try one product at a time.

If you start with a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum……… and so on and you get a negative reaction you won’t know which product has done the dirty on you!

I also know that even if a product is labelled organic or natural you can still get a bad reaction, for example my sister can’t tolerate lavender. Even standing next to a lavender field, turns her into Miss Sneezy with headaches galore!

I didn’t have any problems with my patch test, hooray!

So what is this Fix Me! Repairing Serum from Yours Truly Organics designed to do?


It’s marketed to repair, smooth and brighten your skin. Enriched with, Avena Sativa which is a posh word for oats and Argan oil to give you a radiant complexion.

My first encounter was before I went to bed; I used my normal facial cleanser and then dispensed the pea sized amount into my hands, warming the product by rubbing my hands together gently.

Using both my hands in a cupping motion, I pressed the serum into my skin.

The serum hasn’t got much slip to it, so I found I had to work quickly to get an even distribution.

I then followed with my night time moisturiser and eye gel.

Taking a quick look in the mirror, I did see a glow to my skin but nothing significantly different with the smoothness.

The following morning however was a different story, the first thing I noticed was how much brighter and smoother in appearance my skin was.

My morning skincare routine is the same as my night time other than I use an SPF moisturiser; I was interested to see how the serum would get on with my SPF.

Would it make my makeup roll off?

I did find that I had to use two pea sized amounts of the serum to get an even coverage, I worry whether that means I have a big face! But hey ho, my skin lapped it up and I haven’t had any adverse skin reactions by doing so.

When I applied my foundation, no rolling, no patchiness, just an even coverage.

The instructions say use twice daily and I have been for the last three weeks, so what are my results?

I absolutely love this serum, it’s a delight to use.

Smooth skin, bright skin and I’ve even discovered that when I get a pesky blemish I can spot treat it with this product and it zaps it like a caped superhero!

After three weeks I’m only a third of the way down the bottle. Even after using my two pea sized amounts, so it’s totally cost effective.

I’m now keen to try all of the other products in the range, if I’m getting such excellent results using just the Repair Serum then what could happen if I merge the whole Yours Truly Organics family together?!

Yours Truly Organics, I am truly yours! Your Fix Me! Repairing Serum has fixed me, I’m all bright and glowy!