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Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops have been my new best friend over the last couple of weeks.

After having facial shingles last year my skin is slowly returning to normal.

The redness and scars are fading and so my usual shade of foundation was fast becoming too dark for my skin tone.

But I liked the look of the foundation on my skin.

I couldn’t buy a lighter shade because I already had the palest one that the brand did.

So did I put that bottle of lovely foundation in the back of my beauty cupboard and hope that the shade would be perfect by the time we get to summer?

Did I throw it away, knowing that it’ll never be the right shade again for me?

Or did I begrudgingly give it away to one very happy friend?

The BodyShop Shade Adjusting Drops Bottle1

No! I bought a 15ml, £10.00 bottle of the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops in Lightening and all my foundation shade problems became a thing of the past!

This little bottle of magic changed that wrong shade into my perfect shade!

If you have light to medium skin where your foundation looks too dark or even worse orange these lightening shade adjusting drops could be your answer to an expensive problem.

A concentration of white and pink pigments helps to neutralise yellowness whilst lightening.

Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

  1. Take you light-medium shade foundation
  2. One drop of the adjusting drops will make your foundation half a shade lighter.
  3. Works well with most liquid foundations.

I would say take your bottle of foundation into a Bodyshop store and try before you buy, there was a tester when I went into my local store so I could mix the two together.

My Results

  • I mixed one drop into my favourite foundation.
  • I had no skin irritation.
  • The drops didn’t make my foundation look patchy on my skin throughout the day.
  • They didn’t dry out my skin.

The BodyShop Shade Adjusting Drops Swatch1

I can use one bottle of foundation all year round; I can just customise my beloved foundation to the right shade winter through to summer.

Where To Buy

If you have porcelain skin like I do, the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops will not only get you your perfect shade foundation but you’ll spend less money trying to find that perfect foundation shade that is so difficult to find for us porcelain dolls!!


  1. Lucy Dorling

    22nd February 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Love these!! They are brilliant and worked well for me xx

    • Jo

      24th February 2016 at 5:19 am

      Can’t manage without these now my lovely! Being so pale, I struggle to find my perfect shade of foundation, not now!! xx

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